Reissue--WRD Memorandum No. 99.29--Policy on Issuing Water Resources Division Memorandums

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 15:29:05 -0400
From: "Catherine L. Hill" 

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Subject: Reissue--WRD Memorandum No. 99.29--Policy on Issuing WRD Memorandums

The subject memorandum is being reissued to make a correction in the Sunset
Date.  The Sunset Date should be shown as no more than 5 years from the date 
of issue, which, in this case would be September 22, 2004--not September 10, 1999.

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In Reply Refer To:
Management Support Section:
Mail Stop 442
Sunset Date: September 22, 2004

                                                September 22, 1999


Subject: Policy on Issuing Water Resources Division Memorandums

As a result of the Vice President's Reinventing Government initiative, the bureau
chartered a team to work on reducing regulations by 50 percent within the U.S.
Geological Survey. A Water Resources Division (WRD) Work Group (also called the
Regulation Reduction Team) for reducing regulations was established, and tasked with
identifying policy, regulations, and procedures that could be eliminated. This WRD
Work Group was charged with creating an inventory of all WRD memorandums;
determining retention time criteria of memorandums; defining when WRD policy should
be issued rather than an informational memorandum; and providing recommendations on
subject and author determination, filing guidelines, and the electronic storage of
memorandums with applicable attachments.

Based on the findings and suggestions of the WRD Regulation Reduction Team, the
following policy is in effect for WRD memorandums issued after October 1, 1999:

1. WRD numbered policy memorandums will only be issued to convey policy or
procedures and must be signed by a Senior Staff member.

2. All policy memorandums will be reviewed 6 months prior to their sunset date. If
the policy is still in effect, the memorandum must be reissued prior to the sunset
date; otherwise, the policy will be rescinded. The sunset date must be shown on each
memorandum issued. Sunset dates may not be longer than 5 years from the date the
policy was issued and will be shown in the "In Reply Refer To:" section as shown

3. WRD information, which is not determined to convey policy or procedures, will be
issued using numbered informational memorandums. Informational memorandums will have
a retention period of no longer than 1 year. Informational memorandums will not be
reviewed prior to being retired. (Refer to example #1 attached for formatting

4. In order to determine the author of memorandums and assist with their proper
filing, the following items should be included:

- The originating office's name and mail stop should be typed in upper left corner
of the memorandum under the " In Reply Refer To:" area.

- If a web page is referenced within the body of the memorandum, a brief summary of
the information should be included to enable the reader to decide if access to the
web site is necessary.

- If the memorandum provides implementation guidance, supplements policy contained
in a Survey Manual (SM) chapter, or there is a SM chapter referenced in the
memorandum, the name and number of the SM chapter should be shown at the bottom of
the memorandum followed by the title.

- The originating office should type suggested filing instructions on the memorandum
followed by the typist's initials, date and telephone number at the end of the
memorandum as shown below. The filing information will become critical as WRD
converts to the National Archival and Records Administration (NARA) filing

5. All WRD numbered memorandums will be reviewed by the Management Support Section
to determine if they are policy or informational and assure consistency with SM
chapters prior to issuance of a WRD number.

6. Technical offices will not be required to follow this policy, but are strongly
encouraged to comply to ensure consistency within WRD. Technical memorandums that
have previously been issued as WRD numbered memorandums should be reissued as
technical memorandums.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this policy, please contact the
Management Support Section on (703) 648-5036 or by sending electronic mail to


                                                Catherine L. Hill
                                                Associate Chief Hydrologist
                                                For Program Operations

Distribution: A, B, S, FO, PO


                                SAMPLE INFORMATION MEMORANDUM

In Reply Refer To:
Branch of Operational Support, Mail Stop 405
Sunset Date:  October 2000

                                                        October 1, 1999


Subject:  Sample Water Resources Division Numbered Memorandum

The memorandum is an example of the correct format for issuing Water Resources 
Division Numbered Memorandums which became effective October 1, 1999.


                                                Catherine L. Hill
                                                Associate Chief Hydrologist for
                                                Program Operations

Distribution:  A, B, S, FO, PO, AO

This memorandum supersedes WRD Policy Memorandum No. 9X.XX, dated October XX, 1997, same subject.

File:  101.04b, WRD