Numbered Technical Policy and Related Memorandums

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Subject: WRD MEMORANDUM NO. 98.19--Numbered Technical Policy and Related
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Subject:  Numbered Technical Policy and Related Memorandums

This is to inform you that current numbered technical policy and related
memorandums are now available to the public on the World Wide Web (WWW).
These memorandums can be accessed at the WWW uniform resource locator (URL):


Because of the large number of memorandums available at the Web site, the
memorandums have been stored and categorized according to their respective
technical discipline.  A keyword feature is available for searching for
memorandums that are available under the referenced URL.

The technical memorandums that are available at the Web site have been
reviewed by the Technical Discipline Offices to ensure that only currently
active technical policy memorandums are posted.  Memorandums that do not
relate to technical policy, such as announcements of personnel
appointments, will not be posted at the Web site.  Each year the Technical
Discipline Offices will review the memorandums to remove those that are
obsolete to maintain a current listing.

Technical memorandums may be cited in publications.  Many of our publications,
especially those that describe sampling methods and protocols, need to
reference numbered technical policy memorandums.  To cite the memorandums,
simply reference its complete number, subject title, date the memorandum was
issued, and the URL where the memorandum may be accessed.  For example,
". . . it is recommended that Districts use shaft encoders with starting
torques that meet the criterion for a 1.5-inch float (less than 0.08
inch-ounce) as described in Office of Surface Water Technical Memorandum
No. 96.12, Recommended Starting Torque for Shaft Encoders, issued
September 18, 1996, at URL ."

If you have any questions about how to access the memorandums, please
contact Isabelle Halley des Fontaines (ihalley; 703-648-5298), or if you
have questions regarding how to cite a memorandum, please contact your
regional report specialist.

                                        Robert M. Hirsch
                                        Chief Hydrologist
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