SAFETY--Traffic Control Plan for Field Operations from Bridges and along Roadways

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Subject:  SAFETY--Traffic Control Plan for Field Operations from Bridges
           and along Roadways

This memorandum provides instructions on the preparation of a traffic 
control plan for field operations from bridges and along roadways.  Working 
from bridges and roadways often disturbs traffic flow and poses a serious 
safety hazard to both Water Resources Division (WRD) field personnel and to 
the public.  To help insure safe working conditions, WRD requires that each 
district develop a traffic control plan for all bridge and roadway work sites.

The WRD has adopted the attached Mississippi District traffic control plan 
as a generic model for use by any district that does not already have such a 
plan.  This model meets the minimum Federal standards as prescribed on Part VI 
of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices by the United States 
Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT), Federal Highway Administration 
(FHWA).  Each district, in consultation with its State and/or local 
jurisdictions, should incorporate appropriate additions or modifications to 
its traffic control plan.  Append to the plan an inventory of all job sites 
that require operations from bridges and along roadways, including a 
description of the type of roadway, traffic conditions, and any particular 
physical constraints.  For each site identified in the inventory, a one-page 
summary should be prepared to indicate those parts of the plan that apply to 
that particular site.  All other special instructions not covered by the 
general plan should be included in this summary, a copy of which should be 
filed with the station description, included in the station field folder, 
and kept in the gagehouse, if appropriate.  A complete district traffic 
control plan should include (a) field instructions for traffic control, (b) 
instructions for flaggers, (c) vehicle traffic control equipment checklist, 
(d) traffic control schemes that define the most common road situations and 
(e) job site inventory with site-specific summaries.

The district traffic control plan is to be developed and put into operation in 
accordance with the following schedule:

(a)  Within 12 months from the date of issuance of this memorandum, the 
district should submit a complete traffic control plan to U.S. DOT FHWA (and 
if required, to the State DOT or local transportation agencies) for review and 
approval.  Please contact G. J. Hwang, (703) 648-5255, if you need 
assistance in contacting the appropriate U.S. DOT FHWA office.

(b)  Within 3 months from the date of final approval, issue a district 
memorandum for full implementation of the approved district traffic control 

(c)  The district traffic control plan should be updated as job sites are 
added and deleted, and/or regulations change.  All records relating to the 
traffic control plan and its updates should be maintained for discipline 
reviews by Offices of Surface Water and Water Quality, and for WRD safety 

If you have any question about the Mississippi traffic control plan, please 
contact Fred Morris III at (601) 965-4600 or send E-Mail to (FMORRIS).  If you 
have any other questions about this memorandum, please contact G. J. Hwang 
at (703) 648-5255 or send E-Mail to (GJHWANG). 

                                     Catherine L. Hill
                                     Assistant Chief Hydrologist
                                     for Operations


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