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November 25, 1987


Subject: PROGRAMS AND PLANS -- Water Resources Division Policy for Completion of the Annual Series of Water Resources Data Reports for Each State.

The purpose of this memorandum is to announce and establish a Water Resources Division policy for the completion of the annual series of water resources data reports for each State. Beginning with the reports for the 1988 water year, the Division goal will be for every District to complete its data report by April 1, 1989, and so on for all following years. For this purpose, a report is considered complete when it has been delivered to the printer.

Although efforts to attain this goal may create some problems initially, substantial benefits are expected to be realized in subsequent years:

- An essentially current data base will be available for the user community.

- The Survey's reputation for providing timely products will be enhanced.

- A complete and more current data base will be available for conducting national water resources assessments.

I am hereby asking the Regional Hydrologists to implement this policy, and the Assistant Chief Hydrologist for Operations to coordinate and monitor the implementation. I am confident that each of you with management responsibility relating to the hydrologic data program will provide the support required to produce high-quality and timely data reports.

Philip Cohen

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