United States Department of the Interior

JAN 1 1977


To: Director, Geological Survey

From: Office of Environmental Project Review

Subject: Field environmental review procedures

In our contacts with other Federal agencies and the various States, we are advising that early coordination and technical assistance requests on projects involving surface and/or ground water resources should be sent directly to the District Chief, Water Resources Division, U.S. Geological Survey, at the appropriate field-level office... see enclosed prototype of my letter of July 11, 1975, to all State highway departments -- similar letters were sent to FAA, USCG and other Federal agencies. Several of our Federal agency contacts have stated that in some instances their requests for early coordination and/or technical assistance have been returned by field-level offices with the comment that such requests should be sent either to the USGS in Washington or to the Office of Environmental Project Review.

It remains the policy of this office that only approved draft and final environmental statements prepared pursuant to Section l02(2)(c) of NEPA should be sent to OEPR for coordinated review and comment by the Department of the Interior.

We would appreciate it if you would confirm our present advice concerning the processing of early coordination and/or technical assistance requests to the USGS, or let us know if your procedures for handling such requests at the field-level have changed.

Bruce Blanchard