October 2, 1969


To: Regional Hydrologists and District Chiefs, WRD From: Assistant Chief, Reports and Data Processing, WRD Subject: REPORTS AND STATISTICS -- Standard State Codes

The National Bureau of Standards, under the direction of the Bureau of the Budget, and in accordance with the provisions of Public Law 89-306 and Bureau of the Budget Circular No. A-86, has established standard codes for each of the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and the outlying areas, all of which are considered to be the “first order subdivision” of the United States. These standard codes were developed for the interchange of formatted machine sensible coded data between and among agencies, and are to be adopted throughout the Federal government by January 1, 1970. Accordingly, the Water Resources Division will put these codes into effect January 1, 1970. The new codes are listed in attached Table 1, “States of the United States (including the District of Columbia) with their assigned codes,” and Table 2, “Outlying areas of the United States with their assigned codes.” These codes supersede others furnished to you in previous memoranda. On the next update of the Catalog of Information on Water Data, OWDC will use these codes. FWPCA will also adopt these codes January 1, 1970 for storage and retrieval of STORET descriptive data. You will be informed at a later date what changes will be made in WRD Memorandum No. 69.186, June 26, 1969, “Instructions of the storage and retrieval of STORET descriptive data,” and No. 70.3, July 2, 1969, “Storage of special chemical analyses.”

As the National Bureau of Standards did not assign codes in certain areas of WRD activities, we have assigned codes to be used as listed in attached Table 3.

Tables 1 and 2 were copied from report -- “The Federal Information Processing Standards Publication, Series 5 (FIPS PUB #5) -- States of the United States, (Federal General Data Standard, Representation and Codes),” 1968; 20 cents. We have on hand a limited number of copies of the report. Request for a copy of the report for your office should be made to the Reports Section, WRD, code 4025-0001. If more than one copy is required, it is suggested that the order be placed with the Superintendent of Documents, GPO. /signed/
G. W. Whetstone


WRD Distribution: A, FO-LS
Table 3. Codes assigned by the Water Resources Division for areas not assigned in Tables 1 and 2 by NBS.

MEXICO 80 CANADA New Brunswick 90 Quebec 91 Ontario 92 Manitoba 93 Saskatchewan 94 Alberta 95 British Columbia 96

U.S. Installations—foreign 99 (OWDC only)