PROGRAMS & PLANS - Use of Local Standard Time

                                           April 10, 1968


To:       Regional Hydrologists and District Chiefs,WRD

From:     Assistant Chief, Administration and Technical Services, WRD

Subject:  PROGRAMS & PLANS - Use of Local Standard Time

The Uniform Act of 1966 (PL 89.397) redefines standard time for the 
period of the year in which time is advanced 9formely daylight saving time).
section 260-a states as follows:

    "During the period commencing at 2 o'clock antemeridian on the
     last Sunday of April of each year and ending at 2 o'clock
     antemeridian on the last Sunday of October of each year, the
     standard time of each zone ---- shall be advanced one hour
     and such time as so advanced shall ---- be the standard time
     of such zone during such period; ----"

Any State may exempt itself by law from this provision, however, to our
knowledge no State has done so.  Hence, on April 28 advanced time will
go into effect nationwide.

It is hereby directed that local standard time be observed in all field 
activities of the Water resources Division.  This will introduce a small
time error in our gage charts for the periods of record covering the
transition periods (23 and 25 hour days).  The computer program for the
digital tapes will handle this error as it would any other time error.
No attempt will be made to make any special adjustments because the time
displacement of any one measurement will be insignificant.  Adjustment
of those records manually computed is left to your discretion.

Signed E. R. Leeson