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Sunset Date: November 2004

November 12, 1999


Subject: Process for Preparing Obituaries

The following process is established, effective immediately, for dealing
with the preparation and submission to the local press of biographic-
length obituaries for deceased U.S. Geological Survey/Water Resources
Division (USGS/WRD) employees and retirees whose past achievements were
newsworthy. This process requires the participation of the WRD retirees
as well as WRD staff in headquarters.

Career Development Profiles (CDP's) are available dating back to 1977, from
the Branch of Human Resources Management Support (BHRMS). The CDP's
are on tape, so it will take a couple days to retrieve them once BHRMS is
notified. The process is as follows:

1. WRD retiree requests a specific CDP from the BHRMS. This also alerts the
BHRMS to the fact that an obituary is being written by a retiree, and will
avoid possible duplication of effort.

2. WRD retiree(s) compose the obituary, using facts from the CDP and other
information they may have available.

3. WRD retiree sends copy of obituary to the local paper and to Chief of the
BHRMS. The Chief, in concert with the Associate Chief for Program Operations,
will determine if further distribution of the obituary is warranted.


Catherine L. Hill
Associate Chief Hydrologist
for Program Operations

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Copy to: President, WRD Retirees

File: Employee Relations & Service Files (405-03d)