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Water Resources Policy Memorandums

  • wmapolicy12.02 Hydrologic Activities Supported by the Cooperative¬†Water Program
  • wmapolicy12.01 Avoiding Competition with the Private Sector
  • waterpolicy11.01 PROGRAMS AND PLANS--Policy and Guidelines for Response, Documentation, and Reporting of Flood Events
  • wrdpolicy10.02 Continuous Records Processing of all Water Time Series Data
  • wrdpolicy09.02 Maintaining an Auditable Record of USGS Discontinued Water Monitoring Station Liabilities
  • wrdpolicy09.01 Policy on the distribution of publically available USGS Water Resources Software on the Internet
  • wrdpolicy08.01 Water Resources Discipline Policy on Accepting Furnished Records
  • wrdpolicy04.01 Avoiding Competition with the Private Sector
  • wrdpolicy03.03 Guidance for Support of USGS Employees and Contractors using Government Computers at Private Residences and/or Privately Owned Computers to Perform Government Duties
  • wrdpolicy03.01 Interim Guidance on Non-Standard Joint Funding Agreements
  • wrdpolicy02.03 WRD Guidance for Applying the Undue Burden Waiver for Dynamically
  • wrdpolicy01.06 SAFETY--Bridge Measurement Accident
  • wrdpolicy00.13 SAFETY- Policy on Use of Aircraft-Warning Marking at Cableways
  • wrdpolicy00.10 SAFETY - Policy and Guidelines for Surface-Water Gaging Station Stilling Wells That Meet OSHA's Definition of Confined Space
  • wrdpolicy00.08 Guidance on Non-Standard Joint Funding Agreements
  • wrdpolicy00.02 Deletion of Water Resources Division Memorandums
  • wrdpolicy00.01 Process for Preparing Obituaries
  • wrdpolicy99.35 Promotion and Internal Placement--New Departmental Policy
  • wrdpolicy99.34 Quality Assurance Measures for Serving Real-time Water Data on the World Wide Web
  • wrdpolicy99.33 Preservation of Original Digital Field-Recorded Time-Series Data
  • wrdpolicy99.32 SAFETY--Water Resources Division Policy for Safety Associated with Measurements, Sampling, and Related Streamgaging
  • wrdpolicy99.30 Priority Issues for the Federal-State Cooperative Program, Fiscal Year 2000
  • wrdpolicy99.29 Reissue--WRD Memorandum No. 99.29--Policy on Issuing Water Resources Division Memorandums
  • wrdpolicy99.17 National Park Service (NPS)/Water Resources Division (WRD) Water-Quality Monitoring and Assessment (WAQAM) Partnership
  • wrdpolicy99.03 SAFETY--Water Resources Division Hazardous Waste Site Operations--Revised Safety Policy and Guidance
  • wrdpolicy99.01 SAFETY--Mandatory Use of Breakaway Sounding Reel Cable Kits
  • wrdpolicy98.19 Numbered Technical Policy and Related Memorandums
  • wrdpolicy98.06 SAFETY--Water Resources Division Immunization Program
  • wrdpolicy97.16 Release of the National Training Center Policy and Procedures Manual
  • wrdpolicy96.29 SAFETY--Water Resources Division Immunization Program
  • wrdpolicy96.26 SAFETY--Responsibilities and Duties of a Water Resources Division Collateral-Duty Safety Officer
  • wrdpolicy95.044 Avoiding Competition with the Private Sector
  • wrdpolicy95.042 PUBLICATIONS--Changes in Policy and Procedures for Processing, Preparing, and Publishing Water-Supply Papers
  • wrdpolicy95.035 PROGRAMS AND PLANS -- Transmittal of an Instrumentation Plan for the Water Resources Division and the Water Resources Division Hydrologic Field Instrumentation and Equipment Policy and Guidelines
  • wrdpolicy94.008 LEGAL--Agreement Forms 9-1482, 9-1482-A, and 9-1483 (Installation or use of a test hole, observation well, or gaging station on private property)
  • wrdpolicy92.059 Policy for Management and Retention of Hydrologic Data of the U.S. Geological Survey
  • wrdpolicy92.054 SAFETY--Water Resources Division National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Safety Policy and Guidance
  • wrdpolicy92.04 PUBLICATIONS -- Revised Annual Water-Data Report Format
  • wrdpolicy92.036 Policy of the Water Resources Division on the Use of Laboratories by National Water-Quality Programs
  • wrdpolicy92.012 Policy for the Transfer of a Gaging Station Structure to a State or Local Government Agency
  • wrdpolicy91.058 EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES--Water Resources Division Policy on Phase-Out of Manometers
  • wrdpolicy91.042 SAFETY - Plan for Insuring the Safety of Cableways
  • wrdpolicy90.038 Policy for Reporting Maximum Contaminant Level Exceedances
  • wrdpolicy90.034 PROGRAMS AND PLANS-Policy for Permission to Sample
  • wrdpolicy88.065 International Activities- Policy
  • wrdpolicy88.011 PROGRAMS & PLANS - Water Resources Division Policy for Completion of the Annual Series of Water Resources Data Reports for Each State.
  • wrdpolicy87.085 Policy for the Collection and Archiving of Electronically
  • wrdpolicy87.017 GROUNDWATER--Disposition of Ground-Water Observation Wells
  • wrdpolicy85.076 POLICY - Relevance of the Division's Other Federal Agency Program of the Competition in Contracting Act of 1984.
  • wrdpolicy85.059 POLICY - Competition with the private sector
  • wrdpolicy85.023 PERSONNEL - CORRECTION: Policy on Official Travel for Pre-Selection Interviews
  • wrdpolicy84.021 PROGRAMS AND PLANS--Hydrologic Activities to be Excluded from the Federal-State Cooperative Program
  • wrdpolicy82.67 LEGAL - Guide for Water Resources Division responsibilities related to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission projects
  • wrdpolicy82.28 WATER QUALITY--Acceptability and Use of Water-Quality Analytical Methods
  • wrdpolicy77.057 PROGRAMS & PLANS - Emergency Aerial Photography for Flood Mapping
  • wrdpolicy77.053 ORG & MANAGEMENT - Review of Environmental Statements Required by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
  • wrdpolicy77.049 PROGRAMS AND PLANS - Use of Oil Cylinder to Prevent Freezing in Streamgaging Wells
  • wrdpolicy76.015 P&P - Reporting of proposed work turned down by WRD
  • wrdpolicy73.082 PROGRAMS & PLANS - Station Identification Numbers
  • wrdpolicy73.073 PERSONNEL - Boat Safety
  • wrdpolicy72.108 WATER, QUALITY - REPORTING DAILY MEAN SUSPENDED - Sediment Concentrations for Days of Zero Flow
  • wrdpolicy71.017 COOPERATION - Policy on and Criteria for Acceptability of Direct Expenditures
  • wrdpolicy70.047 REPORTS & STATISTICS - Standard State Codes
  • wrdpolicy68.142 PROGRAMS & PLANS - Use of Local Standard Time
  • wrdpolicy66.090 POLICY--The use of Fluorescent dyes in hydrologic studies

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