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Subject: Office of Surface Water Technical Memorandum No. 98.04
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 17:18:31 -0500
From: "L. Jane Rose, Secretary, Reston, VA "

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Subject:  NWIS Surface-Water Users Group

As part of the next phase of development of the National Water Information 
System (NWIS), several Users Groups have been established to provide 
guidance from the user community on the needs and priorities for NWIS software 
and services.   The users groups will assist the NWIS development team by: 
first, defining and validating user requirements; next, interacting with the 
development team to ensure that the system design properly responds to the 
requirements; and finally, reviewing and testing the software to ensure that 
the requirements and the design have been properly implemented.

The following have agreed to represent the surface-water NWIS users 
community by serving on the Surface-Water Users group:

       NWIS Surface-Water Users Group

       Bill Bartlett    (Chair)   (NR/ME)
       Suzie Grams                (SR/GA)
       Rick Hunrichs              (WR/Ca)
       Joel Johnson               (WR/CA)
       Bill Kirby                 (OSW)
       Norm Midtlyng              (CR/MT)
       Vern Sauer                 (SR)
       Tim Stamey                 (SR/GA)
       Lucky Sultz                (CR/MT)

The Office of Surface Water appreciates the contribution that these 
personnel are making to the surface-water discipline and to the Water 
Resources Division by participating in this important effort.

                                Thomas H. Yorke
                                Chief, Office of Surface Water

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