Compilation of memorandums and other materials concerning office procedures for sediment records

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Subject:  Compilation of memorandums and other materials 
          concerning office procedures for sediment records

Office of Surface Water Technical Memorandum No. 92.08 listed all 
Water Resources Division (WRD), Office of Water Quality (OQW), and 
Office of Surface Water (OSW) memorandums issued since 1971 that 
pertain to sediment activities.  The present memorandum builds 
upon OSW Technical Memorandum No. 92.08 by summarizing 
documentation relevant to office procedures for sediment records 
computations.  Information contained in this memorandum should 
provide a reference for field personnel involved with sediment 

                     Published reports

Glysson, G.D., 1987, Sediment transport curves:  U.S. Geological 
Survey Open-File Report 87-218, 47 p.

This report describes several methods of developing sediment 
transport curves for use in estimating sediment loads or 
concentrations at times when streamflow data are available but 
sediment data are limited.

Porterfield, George, 1972, Computation of fluvial sediment 
discharge:  U.S. Geological Survey Techniques of Water-Resources 
Investigations, Book 3, Chapter C3, 66 p.

This report remains the standard reference guide for sediment 
records computation.  Although newer computer techniques are not 
discussed, the currently-available software, such as SEDCALC, is 
designed to follow the Porterfield computation methods as closely 
as possible.

Kolton, G.F., Gray, J.R., and McElhone, T.J., in preparation, 
SEDCALC User's Manual [currently in draft, anticipated release in 
WY 1994]

This report describes sediment-records computation using SEDCALC.  
SEDCALC is a FORTRAN computer program supported by OSW that can be 
used on both the PRIME and DG systems.

                Office of Surface Water Memorandums

  number                      Title

OSW.90.08  Policy and guidelines for the collection and 
publication of bedload data

This memorandum includes guidelines for computation, publication, 
documentation, and storage of bedload data as well as information 
on sampling equipment and techniques.

OSW.91.15  Guidelines for the analyses of sediment data

This memorandum describes procedures for computing and publishing 
suspended-sediment, bed material, bedload, and total-sediment 
data.  Guidelines are provided for station descriptions, field 
notes, records processing, station analysis, and publication 

OSW.92.06  New parameter codes for bedload data

This memorandum provides new parameter codes for mandatory 
information needed to document bedload-sampling procedure and 

OSW.92.08  Compilation of memorandums related to sediment

This memorandum lists all previous OSW, OQW, and WRD memorandums 
dealing with any aspect of sediment work.

OSW.93.08  Recommendations for use of retransformation methods in 
regression models used to estimate sediment loads ("The bias 
correction problem")

This memorandum describes three methods of correcting for 
retransformation bias when using logarithmic sediment transport 
curves to estimate sediment concentrations or loads.  OSW 
recommends the use of the Minimum Variance Unbiased Estimator 
(MVUE) for cases in which regression residuals are normally 
distributed and the Duan "smearing" estimator when regression 
residuals are not normally distributed.

OSW.93.11  WRD policy on publication of sediment size data 
determined by use of the Sedigraph

This memorandum endorses the use of the Sedigraph for sediment 
size analyses and provides guidelines for its use.

OSW.93.13  Example attachment to the Office of Surface Water 
Technical Memorandum No. 93.08

This memorandum provides a correction and clarification for page 6 
of OSW Technical Memorandum No. 93.08.

OSW.93.21  Policy and technical guidance for conversion of 
sediment concentration from parts per million (ppm) to milligrams 
per liter (mg/l)

This memorandum provides additional guidelines for the use of 
standard conversion factors to convert sediment concentrations, 
expressed in parts per million (ppm), to milligrams per liter 

Unnumbered OSW memorandum dated May 28, 1992:  Guidelines for use 

This memorandum endorses SEDCALC for use in computing daily 
sediment loads.

            Office of Water Quality Memorandums

  number                      Title

OQW.72.10  Sediment Computations--Conversion of suspended-sediment 
concentration from parts per million to milligrams per liter

This memorandum provides a table for converting suspended-sediment 
concentrations in parts per million to milligrams per liter.  The 
table included with the memorandum and 
OSW 93.21 supersede the table in TWRI Book 5, Chapter C1,

OQW.77.08  Open-file report: Relationship of sediment discharge to 
streamflow, by B.R. Colby

This memorandum announces the reprinting of Colby's 1956 open-file 
report. The report provides a detailed description of sediment-
transport curves and factors that affect relations between 
streamflow and suspended-sediment discharge.

OQW.79.19  New WATSTORE parameter codes

Parameter codes are provided for depth at sample location in feet 
(81903) and for point stream velocity in feet per second (81904).

OQW.80.12  Transmittal of "Summary of WRD memorandums relating to 
water-quality practices and policies"

This memorandum lists all WRD memorandums pertaining to water-
quality investigations.  Memorandums from October 1, 1972, through 
February 29, 1980, are included.

                                 Charles W. Boning, Chief
                                 Office of Surface Water