Transmittal of Report, "A Computer Program (FLOWSTAT) for Summarizing Daily and Peak Streamflow Statistics,"

In Reply Refer To:                                 August 18, 1992
Mail Stop 415


SUBJECT:  Transmittal of Report, "A Computer Program (FLOWSTAT) 
          for Summarizing Daily and Peak Streamflow Statistics," 
          by G. D. Rogers and M. R. Werley

The subject report, which has been released as U.S. Geological 
Survey (USGS) Open-File Report 92-115, 17 pages, describes a 
computer program that has been used by several Districts for 
compilation of streamflow statistics for publication.  The program 
performs few statistical calculations itself, but instead 
reformats statistical information retrieved from the WATSTORE 
mainframe computer into a format suitable for publication.  The 
program thus can reduce the routine clerical labor required for 
preparation of a streamflow statistics report.

The statistics compiled by this program include annual peak-flow, 
high-flow, and low-flow frequencies.  As noted in the report, 
these frequency-analysis results are interpretive information that 
must be reviewed and possibly revised for reasonable hydrologic 
interpretation, and must receive Director's approval for release.  
The program is designed to facilitate any necessary manual 
revisions of the statistics.  As noted in the report, authors of 
streamflow statistics reports are responsible for adequacy of 
hydrologic interpretations.

Instructions for obtaining, installing, and using the software are 
included in the report.

Two copies of the report are provided for reference and possible 
use.  Please bring this material to the attention of computer and 
hydrologic specialists in your office who may be concerned with 
preparation of streamflow statistics reports.

                                 Charles W. Boning
                                 Chief, Office of Surface Water

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