Revised Annual Water-Data Report Format 

In Reply Refer To:                                 August 16, 1991
Mail Stop 415


SUBJECT:  Revised Annual Water-Data Report Format 

In 1987, an ad hoc committee, consisting of representatives from 
the four Water Resources Division regions and the three discipline 
offices, was formed to consider revisions to the format of the 
annual data report.  Acting on responses to a questionnaire by 
approximately 900 cooperators and other water-data users, the 
committee recommended several changes that were described in 
Office of Surface Water Technical Memorandum No. 87.03.

Some of the proposed changes, including tables of streamflow 
statistics, were implemented by four districts in a 1988 pilot 
project.  Copies of their reports, containing the revisions, were 
distributed to all districts for review.  Based on their comments, 
the ad hoc committee recommended implementation of the revisions 
as soon as adequate software could be incorporated into ADAPS and 
when applicable instructions could be prepared.

In addition to the inclusion of statistical tables, the ad hoc 
committee recommended the following changes to the present format:

  Station numbers would be included in the table of contents.

  A list of all discontinued stations for which continuous records
  of surface-water, water-quality, or sediment data were published 
  would be added to the report.

  A description of the availability of data from WATSTORE in 
  machine readable format would be added to the introductory text.

  The peak of record for peak-flow partial record stations would
  be included in the report.

Guidelines for making these revisions to the annual data report 
are being prepared by the Publications Planning Unit and will be 
distributed by about September 1, 1991.  The software for the 
statistical tables has been added to ADAPS and has been tested to 
the satisfaction of the ADAPS review team.  Step-by-step 
instructions for use of this software also will be distributed by 
about September 1, 1991, with the release of ADAPS version 91.1.

The ADAPS review team and the Assistant Chief Hydrologists for 
Operations, Scientific Information Management,and for Program 
Coordinations and Technical Support have recommended that the 
revisions be included in the 1991 annual water-data report.  
Districts are therefore strongly encouraged to include these 
changes when preparing their 1991 water-year records for 
publication.  Inclusion of these changes for the 1992 data report 
will be mandatory.

The revised format represents a significant improvement in the 
quantity and usefulness of data provided to cooperators and to the 
general public.  The pilot districts have reported that 
cooperators and other users receiving the revised reports have 
responded favorably.  Information on the reactions of water-data 
users to the revisions in the 1991 data report should be forwarded 
to the Office of Surface Water.

                                 Charles W. Boning
                                 Chief, Office of Surface Water