"Users Manual for WSPRO - A Computer Model for Water Surface Profile Computations"

In Reply Refer To:                             February 6, 1991
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SUBJECT:  PUBLICATIONS--"Users Manual for WSPRO - A Computer
                        Model for Water Surface Profile
                        Computations" by J. O. Shearman; Report
                        No. FHWA-IP-89-027, 187p.

The purpose of this memorandum is to distribute the subject 
report.  The report presents information for using the Water 
Surface PROfile computation model, WSPRO.  Instructions for 
preparing input data and analyzing model output are presented 
along with several example problems.

This users manual does not contain detailed description of the 
theory and methods incorporated into the model.  Such information 
is contained in another report (distributed via Office of Surface 
Water Memorandum 87.05), "Bridge Waterways Analysis:  Research 
Report," Report No. FHWA/RD-86/108.  Familiarity with the research 
report contributes greatly to successful use of the WSPRO model.

Additional copies of the subject report can be obtained from the 
Office of Surface Water.  Please direct requests to Mary Carpenter 
who can be contacted by telephone at FTS 959-5303 or (703) 648-5303,
or by EDOC to MSCARPENTER.  Xerox copies of the research report 
can also be obtained from Mary.  Please limit requests to the 
number of copies representing a realistic need.

Persons outside of the U.S. Geological Survey, requesting copies 
of the model and (or) users manual can be directed to other 
sources as per the second paragraph of the Foreword on the inside 
front cover.  Of course this is not always feasible (e.g., when 
dealing with Cooperators, other Federal agencies, etc.).

The primary contact for specific information regarding the use of 
WSPRO is Jim Shearman.  Jim can be reached at FTS 959-5227 or 
(703) 648-5227 or via EDOC (JOSHEARMAN).

                            Charles W. Boning
                            Chief, Office of Surface Water 


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