Release of report "Users Manual for ANNIE, a Computer Program for Interactive Hydrologic Analyses and Data Management," 

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WGS-Mail Stop 415                        September 24, 1990


Subject:  PUBLICATIONS--Release of report "Users Manual for ANNIE, a Computer
                        Program for Interactive Hydrologic Analyses and Data
                        Management," by A.M. Lumb, J.L. Kittle, Jr., and
                        K.M. Flynn

The attached report has been published as Water-Resources Investigations Report
89-4080.  It describes and provides instructions for the use of the computer
program, ANNIE, and the Watershed Data Management (WDM) file.  ANNIE and the WDM
file were developed to help the user interactively organize, manipulate, print,
and plot data needed for hydrologic modeling and analysis.  The program is
written in standard Fortran 77 and uses the Graphical Kernel System (GKS) for
graphics output.

The WDM file can be used with the following programs:

    Flow in Singular and Interconnected Channels (BRANCH)
    Distributed Routing Rainfall-Runoff Model (DR3M)
    Generalized Least Squares (GLS)
    Hydrological Simulation Program--Fortran (HSPF)
    Precipitation Runoff Modeling System (PRMS)
    Flood-Frequency Analysis from Bulletin 17B (J407/ANNIE)
    N-day high- and low-flow frequency analysis (ANNIE)
    Flow-duration analysis (ANNIE)

PRIME, VAX, and IBM PC or compatible versions of the program are available.  The
current version of ANNIE is available on most DIS-I systems.  Non-PC versions can
be obtained by contacting Kate Flynn (KMFLYNN, 703/648-5313 or FTS 959-5313).
The PC version of ANNIE  is available from the NAWDEX User Services Unit by con-
tacting Marybell Peters (MFPETERS, FTS 959-5663 or 703/648-5773).  The Office of
Surface Water (OSW) has a licensing agreement with Graphics Software Systems,
Inc. to distribute the ANNIE program with their GKS graphics drivers.  OSW has
covered the cost of the license for Water Resource Division (WRD) personnel, but
NAWDEX will charge non-WRD users $35.00 to cover the cost of the license.

We recommend that this report be brought to the attention of technical personnel
that have need for surface-water data management, modeling, and analyses.  Pro-
jects requiring the storage and manipulation of large amounts of time-series
data may find the WDM file to be an efficient method of handling these data.

Additional copies of the report can be obtained from the authors.

                             Charles W. Boning
                             Chief, Office of Surface Water


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