PUBLICATION--Earlier Review of Reports by the Office of Surface Water

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WGS-Mail Stop 415                        July 25, 1990


Subject:  PUBLICATION--Earlier Review of Reports by the Office of
                       Surface Water

As you may be aware, the Office of Surface Water (OSW) reviews
nearly every report produced by the Water Resources Division that
deals in any significant way with surface-water matters.
Sometimes it is frustrating to the author(s) or District when a
report very close to Director's approval is returned by the OSW
for technical reasons.

To alleviate this problem, it has been and remains the policy of
the OSW to make a technical review of a manuscript at the
colleague-review stage, if requested by the originating office.
The proper channel to request a technical review is to contact the
Chief of OSW, or his assistant.  As is usually the case in the
Division review process, if the manuscript is editorially
unacceptable or contains numerous data inconsistencies, it will be
returned without review.  Assignment of the reviewer will be made
by the Chief, with consideration of the requesting office's

The OSW is not soliciting colleague review involvement, and in
fact, could not accommodate such review of all surface-water
related reports of the Division.  We ask, therefore, that requests
to OSW for technical colleague review be limited to reports that
contain complex interpretations, modeling of flow, or statistical
analysis.  We will attempt to honor all such requests, and believe
this process might occasionally save an office from having a
report returned for additional work.

                               Charles W. Boning

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