ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT--Availability of Office of Surface Water Policy Statements

In Reply Refer To:                             December 26, 1989
WGS-Mail Stop 415


Subject:  ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT--Availability of Office of
                                       Surface Water Policy

To promote uniformity, quality assurance, and information transfer
in the surface-water discipline, a data base containing current
Office of Surface Water (OSW) policies, guidelines, and procedures
has been established on QVARSA, the National Center Prime
computer.  Although most of the information currently in the data
base is from OSW numbered technical memorandums, related
information will eventually be added by including selected Water
Resource Division numbered memorandums.

The system, which contains the data base, was designed and
programmed by Ernie Hubbard of OSW and M. A. (Jane) Stone of the
Idaho District.  It is intended to be self-explanatory and easy-

To access the system, users not on QVARSA must netlink and login.
(Netlinking is done by typing "netlink -to QVARSA".)  The command
"SWP" activates the system.  Menus with explicit options,
including exit options, guide the user through the program.  A
step-by-step example is given in the introduction.

After the explanation in the introduction, the general format is
as follows:

A list of categories of surface-water policy is displayed.

If a category is selected, an annotated index of the
memorandums pertaining to that subject is displayed.  A
brief summary is provided for each memorandum.

The user is given the option either to view or to print, via
EDOC, selected memorandums.

After exiting the program, the user is returned to the Primos
level on QVARSA.  Logout from the QVARSA system returns the user
to the Primos level at his or her site.

The requirement for use of this data base is registration on the
QVARSA system.  Employees that would like to be registered on
QVARSA may contact:

                     Gail Kalen (GEKalen)
                     FTS 959-5630

                     Doreen Lucas (ADLucas)
                     FTS 959-5626

                     Patricia McAlwee (PMMcalwee)
                     FTS 959-5609

Questions regarding this system may be addressed to the Chief,
Office of Surface Water.  Please let us know if problems are
encountered with the system so they may be fixed.

                                          Charles W. Boning, Chief
                                            Office of Surface Water

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