"Measurement of Time of Travel in Streams by Dye Tracing"

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SUBJECT:  PUBLICATIONS--"Measurement of Time of Travel in Streams
                        by Dye Tracing" by F. A. Kilpatrick and
                        J. F. Wilson, Jr.

The purpose of this memorandum is to announce the availability of
the subject report, Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations
(TWRI), Book 3, Chapter A9, "Measurement of Time of Travel in
Streams by Dye Tracing."  (Copy attached.)

This manual describes methods of measuring time of travel of water
and waterborne solutes by dye tracing.  The fluorescent dyes, mea-
suring equipment used, and field and laboratory procedures also
are described.  Methods of analysis and presentation to illus-
trate time of travel of streams are provided.

The manual is a revision of "Measurement of Time of Travel and
Dispersion in Streams by Dye Tracing," by E. F. Hubbard,
F. A. Kilpatrick, L. A. Martens, and J. F. Wilson, Jr., Book 3,
Chapter A9, published in 1982.  Dispersion and the simulation of
wastes by dye tracing will be covered in a forthcoming TWRI
intended to com-plete the series on use of dyes.

A limited number of these manuals are available for distribution
from the Office of Surface Water (OSW).  To receive additional
copies, please contact the OSW by electronic mail or by telephone
(FTS 959-5301 or 703/648-5301).

                                       Charles W. Boning
                                       Chief, Office of Surface Water


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