"Determination of Stream Reaeration Coefficients by Use of Tracers"

In Reply Refer To:                               August 8, 1989
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Subject:  PUBLICATIONS--"Determination of Stream Reaeration
                        Coefficients by Use of Tracers" by
                        F. A. Kilpatrick and others

The purpose of this memorandum is to announce the availability of
the subject report, Techniques of Water Resources Investigations,
Book 3, Chapter A-18.

This manual describes in detail how to perform reaeration
measurements on streams using dye and gas tracers injected concur-
rently or in tandem to simulate oxygen absorption.  Two basic
approaches are presented using the slug injection or constant rate
injection methods of introducing the tracers.  The theory, tech-
niques, and analysis procedures for performing reaeration measure-
ments on small streams where mixing is complete as well as on
large streams where it may be incomplete are presented.  Emphasis
is on the use of rhodamine WT dye as a relatively conservative
tracer and propane as the non-conservative gas tracer and on
planning field tests, methods of injection, sampling and analysis,
and com-putational techniques to compute desorption and reaeration

A limited number of these manuals are available for distribution
from the Office of Surface Water (OSW).  To receive additional
copies, please contact NWOWENS in the OSW by electronic mail
(please furnish a full address).

                                       Charles W. Boning
                                       Chief, Office of Surface Water


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