"Use of Surface-Geophysical Methods to Assess Riverbed Scour at Bridge Piers,"

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SUBJECT:  PUBLICATIONS--"Use of Surface-Geophysical Methods to
                         Assess Riverbed Scour at Bridge Piers,"
                         by S. R. Gorin and F. P. Haeni.

The purpose of this memorandum is to announce the availability of
the subject report, Water Resources Investigations Report 88-4212.

This report discusses the performance and characteristics of four
geophysical methods to define existing and previous scour holes
around bridge piers.  A ground-penetrating-radar system, a black-
and-white fathometer, a color fathometer, and a tuned transducer
were evaluated for their ability to measure riverbed scour at
three bridges in Hartford, Connecticut.  Cross sections and some
lateral sections were run at each bridge and significant scour at
piers supporting the bridges was observed.  Each of the four
geophysical systems proved to have characteristic advantages and

In addition to the discussion of the resulting data from the four
systems, there is a table giving a comparative summary.  The table
includes information on limitations, advantages, costs, technical
data, and other information.  The report will be very useful to
those contemplating using any of these systems for scour
determination or similar work.

Facilitated by the Office of Surface Water (OSW), this project was
funded by the Federal Highway Administration.  The results should
be of special interest to districts that are or will be involved
in bridge-scour projects with state highway departments.

A limited number of these reports are available for distribution
in the Office of Surface Water.  To receive copies, please contact
the OSW by electronic mail or by telephone (FTS 959-5301 or

                                       Ernest F. Hubbard
                                       Acting Chief, Office of Surface

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