PUBLICATIONS--Notes on Sedimentation Activities, Calendar Years 1985 and 1986

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Subject:  PUBLICATIONS--Notes on Sedimentation Activities,
                        Calendar Years 1985 and 1986

Attached is a copy of the publication "Notes on Sedimentation
Activities, Calendar Year 1985."  This report is a digest of
information furnished by Federal agencies conducting sedimentation
investigations.  This report has been published at least annually
since 1946.

Descriptions of work in progress or planned are included in the
report, as well as important findings, new methods, new
publications, information relating to laboratory and research
activities, and other pertinent information.  The material is
organized by major drainage regions in the conterminous United
States, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

Please review the portion of the 1985 publication that is
pertinent to your District.  Copy any pages which need updating
and make the necessary changes, deletions, or additions to these
copies.  Do not retype the pages this will be done at
Headquarters.  Return all updates and negative replies to the
Office of Surface no later than March 1, 1987.

Over its 40 years of publication, this report has gone through
many style changes.  In order to assess its usefulness, we have
attached a short questionnaire.  Please complete this
questionnaire and return it to the Office of Surface Water with
your updates.

                                       Verne R. Schneider
                                       Chief, Office of Surface Water

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Notes on Sedimentation Activities Questionnaire

1.  Do you use the information contained in the publication?
Yes_____  No_____

2.  Do you find this information useful?  Yes_____  No_____

3.  Do you give copies of this report to your cooperators? (a)
Other Federal agencies   Yes_____  No_____ (b)  Non-Federal
agencies     Yes_____  No_____

4.  Would the information contained in the report be more useful
to you if it was organized differently?  Yes_____  No_____

If yes, how would you reorganize the information?





5.  Should we continue to produce this summary?  Yes_____  No_____

If no, what alternative would you suggest to disseminate this





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