EQUIPMENT--DH-81 Suspended-Sediment Sampler

In Reply Refer To:                                          June 16, 1986
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Subject:  EQUIPMENT--DH-81 Suspended-Sediment Sampler

The DH-81 suspended-sediment sampler is now available from the Federal
Interagency Sedimentation Project (FISP) at St. Anthony Falls Hydraulics
Laboratory in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The DH-81 sampler is actually made up
of four parts:  (1) 5/16-inch nylon nozzle; (2) plastic cap; (3) adapter; and
(4) wading rod (see attached figure).  Each of these parts needs to be pur-
chased separately.

The nozzle ($10) is the same nozzle used in the D-77 sampler.  The wading
rod ($15) is the same wading rod as used with the DH-48 sampler.  The cap
($11.50) is a modification of the D-77 cap.  One of the four aligning ridges
has been removed to allow it to fit into the adapter ring.  Any bottle with
a standard mason jar thread will fit into this cap.  The adapter is a ring
into which the cap and wading rod will connect.  It has three slots into
which the alignment ridges will fit.  This ensures that the sample is prop-
erly aligned with the wading rod handle.  The FISP is offering the adapters
free to the Water Resources Division this fiscal year only.  Please order
what you need this year; next year the cost will be $6 each.

There are several advantages to this sampler:  (1) it is relatively inexpen-
sive--total cost is under $50 compared to over $100 for a DH-48; (2) it can
use any bottle which has a mason jar thread, thus allowing for different
volumes of samples to be collected; (3) it is lightweight and easily assembled
and disassembled; and (4) it can be autoclaved.  The nozzle, cap, and adapter
are all made out of material that can be sterilized by autoclaving, thus
allowing the user to collect depth-integrated samples for bacterial analysis.

Anyone wishing to purchase this sample or obtain the free adapters should
contact John Skinner or Don Benson at the FISP (FTS 787-3352).

                                       Verne R. Schneider
                                       Chief, Office of Surface Water


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