COMPUTATIONS--Subroutine Library for Prime Computers

In Reply Refer To:                                       January 26, 1984
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Subject:  COMPUTATIONS--Subroutine Library for Prime Computers

The attached report "Computer Routines for Probability Distributions,
Random Numbers, and Related Functions," Water-Resources Investigations
Report No. 83-4257, by W. Kirby, describes a collection of subroutines
that can be used to expedite the development of Fortran programs that
perform probability or statistical calculations or Monte Carlo simulations.
The collection includes routines for calculating the normal, Student t, F,
Pearson Type III, Gumbel, Weibull, Gamma, and Beta distributions, routines
for generating uniform or normal quasi-random numbers, and routines for
making linear or normal-probability plots on a line printer.  This report
is a revision of Open-File Report No. 80-884, same title, distributed with
Surface Water Branch Technical Memorandum No. 80.06, June 3, 1980.

As the report states, these routines are operational on the Amdahl computer
RE1 and on the Northeastern Region Prime computer (RVARES) in Reston.  In
addition, they are available on the National Node Prime computer (QVARSA).
To use any of the routines on these computers, simply call the routines in
your own Fortran program as specified in the report and supply the name of
the subroutine library in any of the standard procedures for running Fortran
programs.  It is not necessary to retrieve and recompile the Fortran subrou-
tine code on these computers.  For use on other computers, the Fortran source
code for both the Amdahl and Prime versions is available for printing or
punching on the Amdahl RE1 computers.

Please bring this report to the attention of personnel on your staff who
write computer programs for statistical analyses of hydrologic data.

                                           Marshall E. Moss
                                           Chief, Surface Water Branch


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"This memorandum supersedes SWB Technical Memorandum No. 80.06."