PROGRAMS & PLANS--Flood-Insurance Studies

In Reply Refer To:                                          January 6, 1984
EGS-Mail Stop 415


Subject:  PROGRAMS & PLANS--Flood-Insurance Studies

Attached for your information is a copy of guidelines and specifications

for study contractors for flood-insurance studies, dated September 1982.

These guidelines are to be used in preparing flood-insurance study pro-

posals and for conducting these studies.  One copy of these guidelines is

being sent to each District, Subdistrict, and State Water Resources Divi-

sion office.  Extra copies should be obtained directly from the Federal

Emergency Management Agency.

                                           Marshall E. Moss
                                           Chief, Surface Water Branch


Distribution:  SL

     This memorandum does not supersede any previous SWB memorandum.

        List of WRD offices for which FEMA Guidelines are to be sent.

  State                       City                       Office


Connecticut                Hartford                   State, WRD

Delaware                   Dover                      State, WRD

Illinois                   Urbana                     District
                           De Kalb                    Subdistrict

Indiana                    Indianapolis               District

Maine                      Augusta                    State, WRD

Maryland                   Towson                     District
                           Towson                     Maryland-D.C. office

Massachusetts              Boston                     District
                           Boston                     Massachusetts office

Michigan                   Lansing                    District

Minnesota                  St. Paul                   District
                           Grand Rapids               Subdistrict

New Hampshire              Bow                        State, WRD

New Jersey                 Trenton                    District

New York                   Albany                     District
                           Albany                     Subdistrict
                           Syosset                    Subdistrict
                           Ithaca                     Subdistrict

Ohio                       Columbus                   District
                           New Philadelphia           Subdistrict

Pennsylvania               Harrisburg                 District
                           Harrisburg                 Subdistrict
                           Malvern                    Subdistrict
                           Pittsburgh                 Subdistrict

Rhode Island               Providence                 State, WRD

Vermont                    Montpelier                 State, WRD

Virginia                   Richmond                   State, WRD
                           Marion                     Subdistrict


  State                       City                       Office


West Virginia              Charleston                 District
                           Charleston                 Subdistrict
                           Morgantown                 Subdistrict

Wisconsin                  Madison                    District
                           Wales                      Subdistrict


Alabama                    Tuscaloosa                 District
                           Montgomery                 Subdistrict

Arkansas                   Little Rock                District

Florida                    Tallahassee                District
                           Jacksonville               Subdistrict
                           Miami                      Subdistrict
                           Orlando                    Subdistrict
                           Tallahassee                Subdistrict
                           Tampa                      Subdistrict

Georgia                    Doraville                  District

Kentucky                   Louisville                 District
                           Louisville                 Subdistrict
                           Paducah                    Subdistrict
                           Williamsburg               Subdistrict

Louisiana                  Baton Rouge                District
                           Alexandria                 Subdistrict

Mississippi                Jackson                    District

North Carolina             Raleigh                    District

Puerto Rico                San Juan                   District

South Carolina             Columbia                   District

Tennessee                  Nashville                  District
                           Knoxville                  Subdistrict
                           Memphis                    Subdistrict
                           Nashville                  Subdistrict


  State                       City                       Office


Colorado                   Lakewood                   District
                           Grand Junction             Subdistrict
                           Lakewood                   Subdistrict
                           Meeker                     Subdistrict
                           Pueblo                     Subdistrict

Iowa                       Iowa City                  District

Kansas                     Lawrence                   District
                           Garden City                Subdistrict

Missouri                   Rolla                      District
                           Maryland Heights           Subdistrict

Montana                    Helena                     District
                           Billings                   Subdistrict

Nebraska                   Lincoln                    District

New Mexico                 Albuquerque                District
                           Albuquerque                Subdistrict
                           Santa Fe                   Subdistrict

North Dakota               Bismarck                   District

Oklahoma                   Oklahoma City              District

South Dakota               Huron                      District
                           Rapid City                 Subdistrict

Texas                      Austin                     District
                           Fort Worth                 Subdistrict
                           Houston                    Subdistrict
                           San Angelo                 Subdistrict
                           San Antonio                Subdistrict
                           Wichita Falls              Subdistrict

Utah                       Salt Lake City             District
                           Cedar City                 Subdistrict
                           Salt Lake City             Subdistrict
                           Vernal                     Subdistrict

Wyoming                    Cheyenne                   District


  State                       City                       Office


Alaska                     Anchorage                  District
                           Anchorage                  Subdistrict
                           Fairbanks                  Subdistrict
                           Juneau                     Subdistrict

Arizona                    Tucson                     District
                           Tucson                     Subdistrict
                           Flagstaff                  Subdistrict
                           Phoenix                    Subdistrict
                           Yuma                       Subdistrict

California                 Sacramento                 District

Hawaii                     Honolulu                   District
                           Honolulu                   Subdistrict
                           Agana, Guam                Subdistrict

Idaho                      Boise                      District
                           Boise                      State, WRD

Nevada                     Carson City                State, WRD

Oregon                     Portland                   District
                           Portland                   Subdistrict

Washington                 Tacoma                     District
                           Vancouver                  Subdistrict


Surface Water Specialists:  Jim Bailey, NR
                            Vernon Sauer, SR
                            Ken Wahl, CR
                            Byron Aldridge, WR