PROGRAMS AND PLANS - Low-Flow Programs

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EGS-Mail Stop                                        July 24, 1979


Subject:  PROGRAMS AND PLANS - Low-Flow Programs

Enclosed are updated and expanded guidelines and suggestions regarding
the collection, analysis, and reporting of low-flow information.  In general,
the enclosed material supplements and expands upon the guidelines previously
provided in Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations, Book 4, Chapter B1,
"Low-Flow Investigations" by H. C. Riggs.

The enclosed guidelines and comments indicate the most practical and
effective methods currently available.  Improved methods are needed, but
ideas and suggestions for improved alternate techniques should be discussed
with the Regional Surface-Water Specialists and the Surface Water Branch
before use.  Assessments of any alternate analytical schemes will be
based upon comparison of the assumptions, limitations, expected reliability,
and utility of the alternate and currently available methods.

Needs for low-flow information are increasing rapidly and are broader
than identification of a simple regulatory criteria such as the commonly
cited "7-day 10-year" value.  Water Resources Division offices are urged
to provide the low-flow information and understanding needed for the
optimum utilization and management of our streamflow resources.

                                     Harry H. Barnes, Jr.
                                     Chief, Surface Water Branch



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