COMPUTATIONS - Retrieval of rainfall-runoff data from WATSTORE online Unit and Daily Values Files for use with distributed routing rainfall-runoff model.

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Subject:  COMPUTATIONS - Retrieval of rainfall-runoff data from WATSTORE
                         online Unit and Daily Values Files for use with
                         distributed routing rainfall-runoff model.

Surface Water Branch Technical Memorandum 79.03, dated January 18,
1979, distributed the publication "User's manual for distributed routing
rainfall-runoff model" by David R. Dawdy, John C. Schaake, Jr., and
William M. Alley, Water-Resources Investigations (WRI) 78-90.
Memorandum 79.03 also documented the job control language (JCL) necessary
to run computer program J347 (distributed-routing model) on the Reston
computer system RE2.  The program, as documented in WRI 78-90, requires
card input for the unit and daily data (data types 1, 2, 3, and 4).
The data types 1, 2, 3, and 4 cards can be retrieved in the format
required by the model from the WATSTORE computer system.  Recently,
George Dempster, of the Automatic Data Section, provided the option of
linking the distributed routing model (herein referred to as the "DSA"
model) directly with the unit and daily data stored in WATSTORE.  Computer
program J149D and catalog procedure RRURBRT2 have been prepared and
stored in appropriate computer-system libraries to enable this linkage.

The catalog procedure RRURBRT2 calls program J149D which processes
the unit and daily data required by the DSA model.  In place of types 1,
2, 3, and 4 data cards (unit rainfall, unit discharge, daily rainfall,
and daily evaporation), unit- and daily-values retrieval cards are
inserted in the job stream.  The card format required to use program J149D
is documented in the publication "User's guide for U.S. Geological Survey
rainfall-runoff models," Open-File Report 77-884, Section 14, page 14-12,
and on Attachment 1.  With this arrangement, program J149D processes cards,
retrieves data from the files, and prepares a temporary card image input
file for use by the "DSA" model (Program J347).  Use of the above-mentioned
catalog procedure requires that the first card in the deck have 'DSAMODEL'
coded in columns 1 through 8, and that the retrieval cards used in place of
data types 1, 2, 3, and 4 cards be coded exactly as referenced in
Section 14, page 14-12, of Open-File Report 77-884, or as shown on
Attachment 1.  The same requirements and restrictions documented in the
DSA user's manual WRI 78-90 concerning proper coding of options, delimeters


(8's or 9's in column 80), limits on array sizes, and so forth, still
apply to program J347.  The preprocessing program J149D presently does
not provide extensive error messages for miscodings or misarrangements
of the card deck.  The unit and daily data must be stored in the
WATSTORE online (current) disk files.  If the data are in the backfiles,
then they must first be loaded back into the current files using pro-
cedures described in Volumes I and V of the WATSTORE system user's

Shown in Attachment 2 are coding sheets which illustrate an example
job setup using 1 water year of data.  It is advisable to code the "COND"
parameter on the execution card that invokes program J347 as shown on the
attachment.  This prevents program J347 from executing if the retrieval
program J149D detects an error.  Any questions concerning the retrieval
program J149D may be directed to George R. Dempster, Jr., in the Automatic
Data Section, Reston, Virginia.

It is suggested that a copy of this memorandum be filed with each
copy of WRI 78-90.

                                           Harry H. Barnes, Jr.
                                           Chief, Surface Water Branch

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