PROGRAMS AND PLANS - Updating the Rainfall/Runoff Model Files

In Reply Refer To:                                         August 22, 1975
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SUBJECT:  PROGRAMS AND PLANS - Updating the Rainfall/Runoff
          Model Files

The calibration data (daily rainfall, unit rainfall, and unit
discharge) in the Rainfall/Runoff Model Files are a permanent part
of the Geological Survey's data files which are available to the
public.  These data will continue to be used by the Water
Resources Division as our research in runoff processes continues.
For these reasons, only reliable and useful data should remain a
permanent part of these files.

After completion of satisfactory calibration of the
rainfall/runoff model, the files should be updated such that the
daily rainfall data are complete and the unit data files contain
only storm-flood events used in the calibration.  All unnecessary
data should be deleted from the files.

Deletion of unnecessary and erroneous data may be done by using
program A602-Rainfall/Runoff data update (Chap. 8, Users Guide for
a U.S. Geological Survey Rainfall/Runoff Model, by C. W. Boning,

Please advise the Chief of the Surface Water Branch, by
memorandum, when updating for each station operated in your
district has been completed.

                                       Harry H. Barnes, Jr.
                                       Chief, Surface Water Branch

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