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November 7, 2013


SUBJECT: Discontinuation of SMART with release of AQUARIUS

While the release of AQUARIUS to replace ADAPS is over a year away and the exact date is yet to be determined, the Office of Surface Water and the Office of Water Information want to provide early notification that support for the automated shifting program SMART will be discontinued at that time. SMART will be supported until that date, but will cease to function as each WSC moves to AQUARIUS. This should not be interpreted as a pull-back from the goals of automated records processing, but simply a reflection of the amount of work required to rework SMART for AQUARIUS coupled with limited resources. While this decision means that automated shifting will not be part of the initial AQUARIUS functionality, movement toward automated records will continue as a fully integrated part of the AQUARIUS package and we fully expect a more comprehensive automated system in later releases.

The Office of Surface Water and the Office of Water Information wish to recognize and thank Jay Kiesler and the Indiana Water Science Center for their support and leadership in automated records since the original development of ART 10 years ago. The development of ART and SMART have led to many positive gains and we regret even a temporary lapse in availability. However, the valuable experience and dialog that have resulted will serve further automation efforts in the near future.

Questions and comments can be addressed to the CARP team at "GS-W CARP Team".


Robert R. Mason, Jr. 
Deputy Chief, Office of Surface Water


Nathaniel L. Booth
Chief, Office of Water Information

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