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May 31, 2012


SUBJECT: Announcement of Office of Surface Water Informational and Technical Notes Series—OSW Notes

The Office of Surface Water (OSW) is beginning a new communication series to help improve the exchange of information between OSW, Area Offices, and Science Centers: OSW Informational and Technical Notes, or OSW Notes, for short.

With this informal, numbered series OSW aims to more effectively structure and disseminate routine correspondence and help Area offices and Water Science Centers (WSC) better track and access this information. OSW Notes will not replace the formal surface-water technical memoranda that are the OSW's primary means for announcing and distributing policy and major technical information. The distribution of the notes will include WSC directors, data chiefs, and surface-water specialists.

Some examples of the use of OSW Notes include:

As part of the introduction of OSW Notes, OSW also is announcing an OSW SharePoint site to provide a convenient archive of OSW Notes (as well as other information and correspondence) at:

The OSW SharePoint site (now available, but still undergoing development) is expected to become a principal tool for information sharing and collaboration between OSW, WSCs, and other organizations, and other agencies.

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