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February 22, 2010  


SUBJECT: Availability of the Weighted multiple linear REGression (WREG) program (version 1.0) and User’s Guide.

The purpose of this memorandum is to announce the availability of the Weighted multiple linear REGression (WREG) program and accompanying documentation (/software/WREG). WREG is a computer program that can be used in place of GLSNET to set up and evaluate regional regression equations for streamflow characteristics such as the mean annual flow.  GLSNET will be phased out as improvements to WREG are made.  WREG allows evaluation of ordinary least squares, weighted least squares, and generalized least squares regression equations and uses text input and output files. The report and program should be of interest to those individuals involved in regionalization of flow statistics, including both low flows and peak flows.

Complete documentation of WREG, including program content, theory, and application, is contained in:
Eng, Ken, Chen, Yin-Yu, and Kiang, Julie E., 2009, User’s guide to the weighted-multiple-linear-regression program (WREG version 1.0): U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods, book 4, chap. A8, 21 p. (Also available at

Comments or suggestions about the WREG program should be addressed to Julie Kiang, Office of Surface Water, 703-648-5364, or

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