August 3, 2005

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SUBJECT: StreamStats Advisory Committee and Water Science Center Requirements for StreamStats Proposal Preparation

The purpose of this memorandum is to (1) announce the formation of the StreamStats Advisory Committee, and (2) inform U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) State Water Science Centers (WSC) of the required steps in preparing and review of proposals for implementing StreamStats.

StreamStats is a Web-based tool that allows users to obtain streamflow statistics, drainage-basin characteristics, and other information for user-selected sites on streams. StreamStats users can choose locations of interest from an interactive map and obtain information for these locations. If a user selects the location of a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) streamgage, the user will get previously published information for the streamgage from a database. If a user selects a location where no data are available (an ungaged site), a Geographic Information System (GIS) program will estimate information for the site. The GIS program determines the boundary of the drainage basin above the site, measures the physical characteristics of the drainage basin, and solves the appropriate regression equations to estimate streamflow statistics for the site. The results are presented in a table and a map showing the basin outline. The estimates assume natural flow conditions at the site. In the past, it could take an experienced person more than a day to estimate this information for an ungaged site; StreamStats reduces the effort to only a few minutes. The StreamStats Web site and documentation on how it works can be found at

The development and implementation of the StreamStats infrastructure is being carried out by the StreamStats development team. The development team currently consists of the following individuals:

Kernell Ries – Project Manager/Hydrologist (MD/DE/DC WSC);
Al Rea – GIS Specialist (Idaho WSC);
Pete Steeves – GIS Specialist (MA-RI WSC);
Jacque Coles – ArcIMS/SDE Specialist (Idaho WSC); and
Dave Stewart – GIS Specialist (Office of Water Information).

A StreamStats Advisory Committee was established by the Office of Surface Water (OSW) in October, 2004 to advise the StreamStats development team on matters that will affect national implementation of the application. The Advisory Committee will evaluate and make recommendations related to topics such as (1) technical issues, (2) policy issues, and (3) development and work priorities. The advisory committee includes representatives from the Water Resources Discipline, the National Geospatial Office, and the National Research Program. Information concerning the StreamStats Advisory Committee can be found at The Advisory Committee encourages comments and suggestions regarding StreamStats development and implementation; comments should be sent by email to the committee at GS-W StreamStats

As described above, the national development of the core StreamStats application is being conducted by the StreamStats Development Team with funding from the National Streamflow Information Program (NSIP) and with oversight by the OSW. The implementation of StreamStats for a given State, however, requires the joint efforts of WSC personnel working closely with the StreamStats Development Team. The efforts of WSC personnel working on StreamStats implementation for a specific State are typically funded through the Cooperative Water Program or by another Federal agency. For these State implementation efforts to be successful, it is critical that there be excellent communication and coordination between the WSC personnel and the StreamStats Development Team. The initial step in making this coordination happen is for there to be interaction on the development of proposals for State implementations. Therefore, to more effectively plan the implementation of StreamStats nationally, all proposals for the development of a StreamStats application in a particular state must be reviewed by the StreamStats development team prior to submission to the cooperator(s). [an error occurred while processing this directive]Sample proposals are available at /usgs/osw/streamstats/links.html to assist WSC’s in developing a work plan for implementing StreamStats. The coordinated efforts of the WSC staff and the StreamStats Development Team in proposal development and review will assure that the proposed StreamStats application can be implemented within the proposed budget and timeframe. All proposals should be sent for review to the StreamStats development team at GS-W

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