Office of Surface Water announces the availability of scripts website 

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Office of Surface Water Technical Memorandum No. 2003.05


Subject: Office of Surface Water announces the availability of scripts website

The Office of Surface Water announces the availability of a new web site to facilitate the sharing of scripts useful in the collection and processing of time series data in ADAPS [an error occurred while processing this directive](/usgs/osw/adaps/scripts.html). For many years it has been recognized that there are a wide number of useful and creative scripts that have been developed in the field, but no easy way to share them among all users. This new site is dedicated to that effort. All District Hydrographers are requested to review the page and download and use the scripts they find useful. More importantly, users with scripts that have functions not found on the site, or that perform a function better than the scripts found on the site, should submit their script. Although there are some very useful scripts already on the site, in the end it will only be successful if District programmers are willing to share their work. Each script submitted will be evaluated and placed into one of two parts of the web site: Supported Scripts: These scripts will be cleaned up as necessary, tested, and fully documented. They will be maintained and supported by OSW. The District programmer will be identified for credit, but will not be expected to support the script or answer questions. Scripts Under Evaluation:

These scripts will be those that are not supported by OSW for one of 
several reasons, including while they are awaiting evaluation and possible 
support, or the determination that they do not have widespread enough use 
to justify OSW support. Even though not receiving official support, these 
scripts will still be placed on the site because of their potential value 
to some hydrographers. However, questions on these scripts will be 
referred to the script developer. Thus when you send in scripts for 
evaluation you should specify whether or not you are willing to provide 
support while it is under evaluation. 

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the surface 
water scripts warehouse, please contact Joe Nielsen through the new OSW 
Script alias - "GS-W OSW Scripts". 


        Stephen F. Blanchard 
        Chief, Office of Surface Water 

Distribution Codes:        CD, District and Regional SW Specialists, 
        District Database Administrators, and 
        Regional Computer Specialists; 
        cc: DC 

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