Availability of StreamStats informational web page and StreamStatsDB data base

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August 1, 2002


Subject:  Availability of StreamStats informational web page and 
StreamStatsDB data base 

The Office of Surface Water is pleased to announce the availability of a 
new public web page that provides information on the National StreamStats 
Program at 
/osw/programs/streamstats.html. The 
StreamStats Program is developing a national Web-based application for 
serving streamflow statistics to the public. The web site is intended to 
provide information that is useful for the public as well as information 
needed by Districts for implementing StreamStats. 

The public part of the web page briefly describes the background, 
objectives, and approach for developing a prototype StreamStats web 
application, and it describes plans for national implementation. It also 
provides a link to a paper on StreamStats that was presented at the 
Hydroinformatics 2002 conference, in Cardiff, Wales, July 1-5, 2002. In 
addition to the public information, the web page has internal links to: 
A Cyber-seminar that was presented to the Districts on June 12, 2001, and 
polling results, 
A PowerPoint presentation given during April, 2002, 
A set of Frequently Asked Questions that describes who is working on 
StreamStats, what it will do, how it will do it, etc., and 
A link for downloading the StreamStatsDB program and data base. 

StreamStatsDB is a user-friendly program used to enter descriptive 
information, basin and climatic characteristics, and previously published 
streamflow statistics for USGS data-collection stations into the 
StreamStats data base. When the web application is completed, users will 
be able to click on station locations shown on maps in the StreamStats 
user interface and receive information from the data base for those 
locations. The StreamStatsDB program and data base can be downloaded from 
the StreamStats web site in a zipped file, StreamStatsDB.zip. This file 
must be unzipped using WinZip or other software before the program can be 
installed on a Windows PC. The zip file contains a StreamStatsDBreadme.txt 
file that provides installation and use instructions. StreamStatsDB 
includes a help facility that fully documents use of the program. 

Participation by Districts in the StreamStats Program is not mandatory, as 
work needed to implement Streamstats for each District generally will need 
to be funded through cooperative agreements with local agencies. Several 
Districts have already used the advent of StreamStats as an opportunity to 
build program. 

Each District that wants to participate will need to enter data into the 
data base before StreamStats can be implemented for the District. The data 
base can be populated initially by reading in descriptive information from 
NWIS for all surface-water sites, then reading in information from the old 
WATSTORE Basin Characteristics File (BCF). District staff will need to 
update any old information obtained from the BCF file and add any 
published basin characteristics and streamflow statistics for 
data-collection stations. When Districts have completed populating the 
data base, they will need to provide a copy of it to the Office of Surface 
Water so that the individual District data bases can be combined into a 
single national data base to be served over the web. 

We plan to release an initial prototype of the StreamStats web application 
before the end of calendar year 2002. Please contact Kernell Ries 
(703-648-5307, kries@usgs.gov) in the Office of Surface Water if you have 
any questions on the StreamStats Program or if you have any trouble using 

                                      J. Michael Norris 
                                      Actint Chief, Office of Surface Water