Tables of Dissolved Oxygen Saturation Values

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Subject: OWQ Tech Memo 9901--WATER QUALITY--Tables of Dissolved Oxygen Saturation Values

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Subject: WATER QUALITY--Tables of Dissolved Oxygen Saturation Values

Quality of Water Branch Technical Memorandum 81.11, amended by 81.15,
described computer program K321A and catalogued procedure DOTABLES,
which were available on the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) mainframe
computer. This procedure was used to produce tables of dissolved ygen
(DO) saturation values as a function of temperature and barometric
pressure, as well as tables of salinity correction factors that users
could use to correct DO saturation values for the effect of dissolved
solids. The procedure DOTABLES has been ported to the Data General UNIX
platform and is available on the Hydrologic Applications System Soft-
ware (HASS) web page at:
This interactive program will produce tables of saturation DO values to
the nearest 0.1 or 0.01 milligrams per liter and salinity correction
factors over user-defined ranges of temperature, barometric pressure,
and specific conductance. The maximum temperature is 35 degrees Celsius
and maximum specific conductance is 76,000 microsiemens per centimeter

The tables available from the DOTABLES program are the only ones
approved by the USGS for routine field use. Tables provided by instru-
ment manufacturers or from any other source should not be used unless
they are the same as the USGS tables.

                         Janice R. Ward /s/
                         Acting Chief, Office of Water Quality
Distribution:   All WRD Employees

Key words: water quality, data handling, dissolved oxygen

This memorandum amends Quality of Water Branch Technical Memorandum
No. 81.11.