National Stream Quality Accounting Network, Fiscal Year (FY) 1998

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Subject:  National Stream Quality Accounting Network, Fiscal Year 
          (FY) 1998

This memorandum contains a summary of National Stream Quality Accounting 
Network (NASQAN) status and funding for FY98. Details of NASQAN station 
operation and protocol changes are contained in the NASQAN National 
Operations Memo. Sampling schedule, special analytical schedules and 
special studies are included in basin-specific operations memoranda that 
have been released for each of the four NASQAN basins.

An electronic message announcing the availability of this memorandum at has been sent to District Chiefs and Water 
Quality Specialists.


Stations included in the NASQAN program (Table 1) are basically unchanged 
from FY97 with the following exceptions.  Sampling on the Rio Grande 
below Laredo, TX, which had been deferred last year, will be initiated 
when the gage becomes operational, currently scheduled for October, 1997. 
In addition, NASQAN will augment sampling performed on the Mississippi at 
Grafton, IL to add high-flow samples to the monthly sampling already 
being performed by the Missouri District for a cooperator.  Neither 
dissolved trace elements nor suspended sediment chemistry will be 
measured at Grafton. NASQAN is also working with the Alaska District to 
design a synoptic sampling of another large Alaskan river; last year, a 
portion of the Kuskokwim River was sampled.

Sampling frequency has been reduced in the Colorado Basin through 
elimination of the "event" samples. Experience has shown that the range 
in the discharge can be covered with fewer samples. 

As in the past, Districts are paid "up front" for the "fixed" samples, 
and a secondary transfer of funds will be made in July to pay for any 
event samples that are collected. This procedure provides NASQAN with the 
flexibility to sample unpredictable extreme events throughout the four 
NASQAN basins. For example, if the El Niño produces monsoons in southern 
Arizona, additional samples will be collected there with funds from the 
event sample pool, and sampling reduced elsewhere.

Program Coordination

Each NASQAN basin has a "Basin Coordinator" who is the primary contact 
for operational questions. For FY98, the basin coordinators are:
· Mississippi Basin: Richard Coupe (rhcoupe); Jackson, MS, 601-965-4600 
ext 5702 
· Rio Grande Basin: Dee Lurry (dllurry); Austin, TX; 512-873-3071 
· Colorado Basin: Bill Steinkampf (bs); Tucson, AZ; 520-670-6671 ext 269
· Columbia Basin: Valerie Kelly (vjkelly); Portland, OR; 503-251-3244 

Rick Hooper (rphooper; Atlanta, GA; 770-903-9146) serves as the National 
Technical Coordinator, and is the primary contact regarding budget 
questions. Janice Ward (jward; Reston, VA; 703-648-6871) is the primary 
adminstrative contact for the NASQAN program.

Interpretive reports will be prepared by the NASQAN National Interpretive 
Team, consisting of Bill Battaglin and Don Goolsby (Central Region); Rick 
Hooper, and Valerie Kelly.

Allocation of FY98 Resources

The allocation of program resources for FY98 is similar to past years 
(Figure 1). Data collection, that is, the sum of sample collection  and 
the laboratory analysis, accounts for more than 75% of all costs.

Allocation of NASQAN Resources in FY98

Sample Collection       52%
Lab Analysis            27%
Interp & Design         12%
Coordination             5%
Administration           2%
Training                 2%

District Funding Transfers

Funds for the collection of all "fixed" samples will be provided in an 
initial funding transfer early in FY98 as shown in Table 1. Note that all 
costs are gross funds, including WOTSC and DOTSC. If you require further 
details on the breakdown of these funds, please contact Rick Hooper.

These figures were derived from cost estimates provided by the Districts 
during August, 1997. There are two important changes, however, that must 
be noted:

· Sediment Charges.  Effective October 1, 1997, all sediment laboratory 
charges will be billed directly to the same NASQAN account as NWQL 
charges. Therefore, sediment lab charges have not been included in the 
District Transfers as has been done previously.

· Analysis of Individual Vertical River Segments for Sediment 
Concentration. In the past, NASQAN paid for the analysis of sediment 
concentration in each river segment to assess cross-sectional 
variability. It was not clear whether this data was, in fact, being used 
to assess sampling locations and number of verticals sampled. Instead of 
doing this sampling every year, funds have been reserved to evaluate 
sampling and mixing problems at NASQAN stations. Districts should apply 
for these funds by sending a brief (1-page) proposal describing the 
problem, data to be collected, and response to findings to Rick Hooper. 
Proposal cost, including labor and laboratory analysis, should not exceed 
$2,000. Proposals will be funded on a first come-first served basis until 
funds are exhausted.

Also, note that $150 per sample has been included for data review. 
Districts are responsible for the initial review of data and for 
requesting re-runs of samples from NWQL if necessary.

Initial transfers also include the salary cost for lead technicians to 
attend the National Water Quality Technical Conference, which will be 
held in Albuquerque, NM in December, 1997. Travel costs will be 
reimbursed after travel vouchers have been processed.

Nominations for attendance at the QW Field Techniques class should be 
made by the District through normal channels with a copy to Rick Hooper. 
Equalization costs will be reimbursed to the Districts after completion 
of the training.

Further information about the NASQAN program is available on the NASQAN 
internal homepage ( and on the NASQAN 
external homepage (

                        Janice R. Ward /s/ for
                        David A. Rickert
                        Chief, Office of Water Quality


This memorandum supersedes OWQ Technical Memorandum 97.01.

Distribution: A, B, DC, AO, District Water Quality Specialists, Regional 
Water Quality Specialists

Key Words: NASQAN, basin, coordinator, station


                  Table 1:  NASQAN Stations for FY98

Station    Name           District   Basin   Fixed    Event    Initial
ID                                           Samples  Samples  Transfer

N/A       Alaskan Rivers     AK      ALSK      --       --      $70,000
7263620   Ark. R@D.Terry     AR      MISS      10        0      $35,430 
9380000   Colorado R@Lees    AZ      CLRD       6        0      $24,873 
9404200   Colorado R abv     AZ      CLRD       9        0      $41,168 
          Diamond Ck.
9429490   Colorado R. abv    AZ      CLRD       6        0      $18,385 
          Imperial Dam
9522000   Colorado R @NIB    AZ      CLRD       6        0      $17,785 
5420500   Mississippi@       IA      MISS      10        3      $37,866 
6610000   Missouri@Omaha     IA      MISS      12        3      $64,620 
3216600   Ohio@Greenup Dam   KY      MISS      12        3      $71,294 
3303280   Ohio@Cannelton     KY      MISS      12        3      $60,157 
3377500   Wabash@Mt. Carmel  KY      MISS      12        3      $56,813 
3609750   Tennessee R @      KY      MISS      12        0      $53,658 
3612500   Ohio nr Gr. Chain  KY      MISS      12        3      $62,378 
7373420   Mississippi@St.    LA      MISS      12        3      $60,276 
7381495   Atchafalaya R @    LA      MISS      12        3      $59,726 
5587455   Mississippi@       MO      MISS     12|        3       $1,230 
6934500   Missouri@Hermann   MO      MISS      12        3      $48,770 
7022000   Mississippi@Thebes MO      MISS      12        3      $61,215 
6185500   Missouri nr        MT      MISS       6        3      $22,660 
6329500   Yellowstone R.@    MT      MISS       9        3      $32,110 
6338490   Missouri@Garrison  ND      MISS       6        0      $17,126 
6805500   Platte R. @        NE      MISS      12        3      $14,734 
8364000   Rio Grande@El      NM      RIOG      10        3      $16,755
9421500   Colorado blw       NV      CLRD       6        0      $20,850
          Hoover Dam
14128910  Columbia@          OR      CLMB      10        2      $39,958
14211720  Willamette@        OR      CLMB      12        4      $28,395 
14246900  Columbia@Beaver    OR      CLMB      11        4      $54,115
6440000   Missouri@Pierre    SD      MISS       6        0      $16,885 
8377200   Rio Grande@Foster  TX      RIOG       8        3      $29,896 
8447410   Pecos R. nr.       TX      RIOG       8        3      $28,620 
8450900   Rio G. blw         TX      RIOG       6        0      $19,508
          Amistad Res
8459000   Rio Grande@Laredo  TX      RIOG      10        3      $37,292 
8461300   Rio Grande bl      TX      RIOG       6        3      $21,644
          Falcon Dam
8470400   Arroyo Colorado    TX      RIOG      10        3      $33,640
          nr Harlingen
8475000   Rio Grande nr      TX      RIOG      10        3      $35,458 
9180500   Colorado R nr      UT      CLRD      10        0      $25,865 
9315000   Green R.@Green R.  UT      CLRD      10        0      $28,065
9379500   San Juan R@Bluff   UT      CLRD      10        0      $33,840 
12400520  Columbia@Northport WA      CLMB      10        0      $52,326 
12472900  Columbia@Vernita   WA      CLMB      10        0      $41,209
13353200  Snake@Burbank      WA      CLMB      12        3      $49,062

*Station operated jointly with NAWQA. Costs refect only NASQAN portion of 
station cost.
|Sampling costs for fixed samples paid by cooperation with State of