PERSONNEL--Janice R. Ward is new Assistant Chief

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Mail Stop 412                                   January 16, 1996


Subject: PERSONNEL--Janice R. Ward is new Assistant Chief

The Office of Water Quality (OWQ) is please to announce that =

Janice R. Ward has joined the staff as the Assistant Office Chief.

Janice joined the U.S. Geological Survey in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in =

1971, on a project involving the effects of acid mine drainage on streams=

and reservoirs. Later, Janice did pioneering work on non-point source =

agricultural pollution, evaluating the effectiveness of Best Management =

Practices on runoff in the Lower Susquehana River basin. In 1986, Janice =

transferred to Trenton, New Jersey, as Chief of the Environment Studies =

Program. In 1989, Janice began a three-year stint as Assistant District =

Chief, and in 1991, she became the District Chief. As a result of her =

varied positions, Janice brings to Reston deep technical knowledge of =

water quality in addition to her supervisory and budgeting skills.

Please join me in welcoming Janice to OWQ and in wishing her success.

                                David A. Rickert /s/
                                Chief, Office of Water Quality

This memorandum does not supersede any previous Office of Water Quality =


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