Establishment of U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) laboratory for determination of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in air and water samples

In Reply Refer To:                         December 29, 1994
Mail Stop 412 or
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Subject:  Establishment of U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
          laboratory for determination of chlorofluorocarbons
          (CFCs) in air and water samples

The purpose of this memorandum is to announce the availability 
of analytical services for determination of the chlorofluoro-
carbons CFC-11, CFC-12, and CFC-113 in air and water samples,
and to set policy and procedures for obtaining these services.
The chlorofluorocarbon laboratory, coordinated by Julian E.
Wayland, is being established in Headquarters within the
National Research Program and supervised by Eurybiades
Busenberg and Niel Plummer.

A form to request CFC analyses is provided as Attachment 1.
In addition, Attachment 2 describes hydrologic applications
of CFCs, field sampling and site selection considerations,
and logistical aspects of the CFC laboratory.  In submitting
samples to the CFC laboratory, particular attention should
be given to the sections of Attachment 2 on "Samples that
should NOT be submitted to the Reston CFC laboratory," and
on "Responsibilities of the project requesting the service."

The establishment of the Reston CFC Laboratory provides
greatly enhanced capability to USGS projects for detecting
and age-dating young ground water.  We encourage use of this
technique where such information is likely to be of value.

     William M. Alley               David A. Rickert
     Chief, Office                  Chief, Office
     of Ground Water                of Water Quality

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                         Attachment 1

                   Request for CFC Analyses

Today's date:__________  Name of contact:_____________________

E-mail:_____________________  Phone No:_______________________


Description of job (where?, project?, purpose of CFC dating?):




Shipping Address:_________________________________




Account number for billing:_______________________

Dates of sampling:__________________________

When to ship equipment:___________________________

When equipment and ampules will be returned:__________________

Estimated number of wells:__________

Type of wells:____monitor; ___domestic; ___municipal; ___other

Well diameters: ___2"; ___4"; ___6"; ___other; _____________

Range of well depths:_______________ feet

Materials in well construction: ___PVC; ___metal; ___other

Pump(s) to be used:__________________________________________

Material in discharge line of pump:_________________________

Equipment to be sent:

   ___CFC sampler; ___Spare parts; ___Trap; ___Ampule holder

   ___Ampules; ___Connector to well; ___other: ______________

Number of ampules to ship:___________

Are dissolved gases (N2 and Ar) to be sampled: ____; 

   How many?_____

Will CFC-surface water samples be collected? ____; If so,

   how many? ______

Will CFC-air samples be collected? ____; If so, how many?____

Other field samples and analyses: ___3H, ___DO, ___H2S

   ___CH4; ___pH, cond.temp.; ___stable isotopes

Do you need training on CFC sampling procedures? __yes;__no

Do we need to send someone to help with training, sampling?

   ___yes; __no

Address and contact for Reston CFC Laboratory:

Julian E. Wayland (703-648-5730)
Bonnie Hower (secretary -- 703-648-5838)
FAX:  703-648-5832

U.S.Geological Survey
12201 Sunrise Valley Drive
432 National Center, Rm. 5B127A
Reston, VA 22092

(see hard copy of tech memo for attachment 2)