National Water Quality Laboratory Charge for Verification of Old Data

In Reply Refer To:                     February 23, 1994
Mail Stop 412


Subject: National Water Quality Laboratory Charge for
         Verification of Old Data

Effective immediately, the National Water Quality 
Laboratory (NWQL) will charge Water Resources Division 
customers for verifying data from samples received more 
than 18 months prior to the verification request.  This 
permits the NWQL to recover direct costs for services that
are not calculated into sample analysis charges.  The NWQL
will continue to (a) offer free reruns on routine analyses
for which results are questionable, and (b) verify data 
from discarded samples for 18 months following sample
receipt.  Commercial laboratories typically offer free 
verification for 12 months, and thereafter charge a fee.

The Office of Water Quality believes a period of 18 months
allows adequate time for questions to arise and be resolved.
After 18 months, the NWQL custom analysis fee of $76.00 
per hour will be charged for verification services.  
Depending on sample age and other issues, about 10 minutes
are required to verify each constituent.  Thus, on the 
average, verification of each constituent for a sample will
cost about $12.70. 

                          David A. Rickert
                          Chief, Office of Water Quality

This memorandum does not supersede any other Office of 
Water Quality Technical Memorandum.

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