PUBLICATIONS--"A Primer on Sediment-Trace Element Chemistry" (Second Edition), 

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Subject:  PUBLICATIONS--"A Primer on Sediment-Trace Element
                         Chemistry" (Second Edition), by  
                         Arthur J. Horowitz

Initially the Primer (first edition) was published in 1985 as 
U.S. Geological Survey Water-Supply Paper (WSP) 2277.  Designed 
to be used in training courses on sediment-trace element 
chemistry, the first edition has been widely distributed.  
Inclusion of solid-phase chemistry in the Water Resources 
Division operational program has increased over the past 7 years.
Additionally, research has continued and our understanding of 
sediment-trace element chemistry has increased since WSP 2277 
was published.  We are pleased that Art Horowitz has taken the 
time to incorporate the new insights and produce this second 
edition of the Primer.

Copies of the subject publication have been provided to each 
Region and District.  Individuals interested in obtaining a 
copy may contact Art directly in the Georgia District office 
(FTS 257-6860 or (404) 986-6860).

                              David A. Rickert
                              Chief, Office of Water Quality

This memorandum supersedes Office of Water Quality Technical 
Memorandum 85.01.

Key Words:  Sediment chemistry, trace elements

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