EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: Operation and availability--D-77 Water-Quality Sampler

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Subject: EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: Operation and availability--
                                 D-77 Water-Quality Sampler

The D-77 Water-Quality Sampler has been field tested and evaluated 
and is now approved for general use within the Geological Survey. 
However, before purchasing, the conditions under which the sampler 
can be used should be carefully considered.

Sampler Design:

The D-77 is constructed of bronze and weighs 67 pounds. It was 
designed primarily for cold-weather sampling where sampler freeze-
up is a problem. The basic design is very simple, an open-front 
chamber to receive a 3-1iter autoclavable plastic bottle which 
slides into place and is held securely by a spring. The air vent 
and nozzle are part of the bottle cap so they can be removed and 
replaced if freezing occurs.

All parts of the sampler that contact the water sample are made of 
autoclavable plastic to make it possible to collect a depth- 
integrated sample for bacteriological analyses. The nozzle and cap 
can be assembled, autoclaved, and transported as a sterile unit to 
be placed on the sample container immediately prior to sampling. 
In like manner, the bottles can be sterilized and transported to 
the sampling site.

The large 3-1iter bottle enables collection of a maximum 2700-mL 
volume sample at one time. This feature makes collection of large 
volumes of water easier and faster than with any other currently 
available depth-integrating sampler.

Sampler Uses:

The D-77 is particularly useful in open-water freezing situations, 
but the sampler is too large for easy use through a hole in an 
ice-covered channel. The sampler can be used in most channels with 
low to moderate velocities from 1.0 ft/s to 7.0 ft/s and at depths 
to about 17 feet. Downstream drag has not been observed to be a 
major problem. The sampler was observed to create no more drag 
than a lOO-pound sounding weight. An aluminum version of the D-77 
was tested, but was found to be too buoyant; therefore, an 
aluminum model will not be manufactured.

Sampler Availability:

The D-77 and all accessories are available through the Federal 
Inter-Agency Sedimentation Project. The prices quoted here are 
current for FY 1981.

US D-77        Reel Sampler                           $900 .00
               Uses Nalge 2115-3000 only (3-1iter)

US D-77  TM    Trace-Metal Sampler Version:           $920.00
               Epoxy painted

US D-77        Cap, plastic                           $  7.00
               Fits Nalge 2115-3000

US D-77        Nozzle, teflon 5/16 dia.               $  6.50
               Fits cap above

Send purchase order to: 
          Federal Inter-Agency Sedimentation Project
          St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Lab.
          3rd Avenue, S.E. and Hennepin Island
          Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

Payable to: District Engineer
            U.S. Army Engineer District - St. Paul
            1135 U.S. Post Office and Custom House
            St. Paul, Minnesota 55101

For any further information on the D-77 samplers address your 
questions to Jim Culbertson or Bob Middelburg, Quality of Water 
Branch, Reston, Virginia, or refer to an article on the field 
evaluation of the D-77 sampler to be published soon in the WRD 

                          R.J. Pickering
                          Chief, Quality of Water Branch

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