EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES--Samplers; color-coded nozzles for sediment samplers

In Reply Refer To:                            January 24, 1980
EGS-Mail Stop 412


Subject: EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES--Samplers; color-coded nozzles for
                                  sediment samplers

Enclosed is a memorandum from the Federal Interagency 
Sedimentation Project (FISP) announcing that beginning January 
1980 all new sediment samplers will be supplied with color-coded 
nozzles. This is being done in order to easily identify what 
nozzle to use with a given sampler. The Branch is in full 
agreement with this idea and urges that all of your old samplers 
be fitted with these new color-coded nozzles as soon as possible.

The idea of color-coded nozzles was originated by Douglas G. 
Glysson of the Illinois District. He sent his idea to the Branch, 
where we endorsed it and recommended its adoption to the Technical 
Committee of the FISP. The Technical Committee adopted the idea 
unanimously and directed the Project to proceed with implemen-
tation. This is an example of how a good idea developed by one of 
our field people can result in widespread use among all Federal 
agencies involved in sediment sampling.  Doug is to be 
congratulated for developing this idea and for submitting it to 

                                 R. J. Pickering
                                 Chief, Quality of Water Branch



United States Department of the Interior

St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory
Hennepin Island & Third Ave. S.E.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

December 21, 1979


To:       Field Personnel Involved in Suspended-Sediment Sampling

From: Project Chief, FISP, Minneapolis, Mn.

Subject: SAMPLING EQUIPMENT--Field installation of color-coded 
screws on suspended-sediment samplers.

Effective January 1980 all samplers supplied by the project will 
be fitted with both colored plastic screws and nozzles in 
accordance with the following coding arrangement:

SAMPLERS                    COLOR

DH-48                       Yellow
DH-59 and DH-76             Red
D-74 and D-49               Green
P-61 and P-63               Blue
D-75                        White

A screw will be permanently attached to each sampler and serve as 
a reminder of the proper nozzle to be used.

For each sampler procured prior to January 1980, field personnel 
should install the proper colored screw and nozzle. Supplies of 
screws and nuts are available free but nozzles must be purchased 
at a cost of $4.50 each.

For uniformity and maximum visibility, install the screw on the 
top vertical stabilizer fin immediately below the serial number. 
Drill a 1/4 inch hole, insert the screw and tighten the nut 
securely. Snip off the excess thread and peen the screw end with a 
small hammer.

On DH-48 samplers install the screw on the top surface 2" behind 
the center of the wading-rod hole. Drill a 15/64" diameter hole 
through the casting, then drive the screw into place. A broken 
screw should be driven out with a 1/8" or 3/16" rod and a new 
screw inserted.

A sharp 15/64 drill bit is essential. If the bit is as little as 
1/64 oversize or undersize the screw will fit too loose or will 

If you prefer,the project will make all installations at no charge 
but the user must pay all freight.

Requests for supplies should be addressed to:

Federal Inter-Agency Sedimentation Project 
St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory 
Hennepin Island & Third Ave. S.E. 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

Telephone: FTS 725-2218
           NON FTS 612 725-2218

                                      John V. Skinner