September 13, 1977


Subject: PUBLICATIONS: "Methods for Collection and Analysis of 
Aquatic Biological and Microbiological Samples" edited by P. E. 
Greeson, T. A. Ehlke, G. A. Irwin, B. W. Lium, and K. V. Slack 
(Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations, Book 5, Chapter A4, 
332 p., 1977) .

I am pleased to announce the availability of the subject manual, 
which was compiled and edited by the Task Group on Biology and 
Microbiology using the input of many biologists and 
microbiologists in the Water Resources Division. The manual 
supersedes the biological TWRI that was prepared in 1973. It 
contains detailed descriptions of methods used by the Geological 
Survey for collection and analysis of aquatic biological and 
microbiological samples. Part 1 discusses biological sampling and 
sampling statistics; part 2 contains detailed descriptions of more 
than 45 individual methods; part 3 consists of a glossary; and 
part 4 is a list of taxonomic references.

This is the second water-quality TWRI that has been published as a 
loose-leaf manual. The format is designed to permit flexibility in 
revision and publication on the basis of need. Periodic 
supplements will be prepared as frequently as every 6 months and 
distributed to all purchasers of the manual or persons on the WRD 
distribution list to receive the manual. Reprinting of the manual 
will be undertaken at intervals of about three years.

Copies of the TWRI are being distributed to all district offices, 
subdistrict offices, field headquarters, and water-quality 
laboratories of the Water Resources Division. Additional copies 
that are needed to support WRD programs can be obtained by written 
request to the Chief, Publications Unit (Mail Stop 435, Reston, 
Virginia 22092). Requests should include the names and addresses 
of individuals that will receive copies of the manual so that they 
will be assured of receiving all supplements. In general, 
distribution of free copies outside WRD should be limited to 
Federal, State, or local cooperators in order to support WRD's 
assurance to GPO that a minimum of 300 copies of each loose-leaf 
manual will be sold. Loose-leaf manuals will not be available from 
sources other than the Publications Unit or the Government 
Printing Office.

Questions or comments pertaining to the manual should be directed 
to the Chief, Quality of Water Branch (MS 412, Reston, Virginia 

                             R. J. Pickering
                             Chief, Quality of Water Branch

WRD Distribution, A,B,S,FO,PO