PROGRAMS AND PLANS--Acceptable methods for collection of water-quality data

                                        December 26, 1974


Subject: PROGRAMS AND PLANS--Acceptable methods for collection 
                             of water-quality data

This is a reminder that all water-quality methods used in WRD 
supported programs shall be as stated in the series "Techniques of 
Water Resources Investigations of the United States Geological 
Survey" or as subsequently revised and released as provisional 
procedures under Quality of Water Branch Technical Memoranda. 
Specific reference should be made to the following Branch 
Technical Memoranda:

71.04   January 13, 1971   Methods for collection and analysis of
                           water samples for dissolved minerals 
                           and gases (TWRI book 5, Chapter Al)

71.05   March 18, 1971     Sampling and analysis of water-quality
                           constituents associated with suspended
              .            solids

72.04   November 8, 1971   Instructions for use of sediment 
                           samplers for the collection of samples 
                           to be analyzed for organic substances

72.09   January 5, 1972    Preservation of water samples for 
                           chemical analysis

72.13   February 28, 1972  Computations of fluvial-sediment 
                           discharge (TWRI book 5, Chapter C3)

72.15   May 25, 1972       Methods for analysis of organic 
                           substances in water (TWRI book 5, 
                           Chapter A3)

73.05   October 10, 1972   Supplement to TWRI book 5, Chapter A3

73.07   October 26, 1972   Teflon sediment sample splitters and 
                           plastic sieves

73.14   March 26, 1973     Summary - TWRI's pertaining to the 
                           quality of water discipline

73.16   April 23, 1973     Sampling procedures and problems in
                           determining pesticide residues in the
                           hydrologic environment

73.18   May 22, 1973       Methods for the collection and analysis 
                           of aquatic biological and 
                           microbiological samples (TWRI book 5, 
                           Chapter A4)

74.01   July 6, 1973       Revised methods for analysis of water,
                           suspended sediment, and bottom material

74.11   February 28, 1974  Data Networks, National stream quality 
                           accounting network

Interim methods that have been officially approved by the Water 
Resources Division but have not yet been incorporated in published 
TWRI's, have been released under additional Branch Technical 
Memoranda. The contents of WRD Memorandum No. 74.85, dated 
December 14, 1973, also should be kept in mind .

No exception should be made to the above policy unless specific 
approval has been received from the Chief, Quality of Water 
Branch, and adequate documentation of that fact and the proposed 
methodology has been made. All questions regarding this policy or 
the currently applicable methodology should be directed to the 
Quality of Water Branch

                                  R. J. Pickering

WRD Distribution: A. FO-LS, PO