EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES--Teflon sediment sample splitters and plastic sieves

                                        October 26, 1972


Subject: EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES--Teflon sediment sample  
         splitters and plastic sieves

Preparation of bottom material and suspended-sediment samples
for analysis commonly requires subsampling of the original 
sample to provide material for several types of 
determinations. Sieving of these samples may be a necessary 
preliminary step in sample preparation. The sample should not 
come in contact with any metal equipment during either of 
these operations if determinations of metals are to be 
performed.  In response to;this requirement, the St. Anthony 
Falls Project has .designed and constructed a small sediment 
sample splitter of teflon. They also have designed plastic 
ring holders for use with nylon, teflon, or polyester sieve 

Two models of sample splitters are available now: (1) for use 
with two 1000 ml beakers, and (2) for use with two flat pans 
(2-1/4" high).  Orders for splitters may be placed by 
Purchase Order to:

            District Engineer
            U.S. Army Engineer District, St. Paul, Minnesota
            Corps of Engineers
            1217 U.S. Post Office & Custom House
            St. Paul, Minnesota  55101

The cost is $85.00 each for either model.

Mr. John Skinner (FTS 612 725-2218) should be contacted 
directly regarding orders for sieve ring holders.  Sieve 
prices are not immediately available.

                          R. J. Pickering
                          Chief, Quality of Water Branch

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