PUBLICATIONS - Reference List No. 6

                                             May 24, 1961


To:       District Chiefs and Staff Officials
          Quality of Water Branch

From:     Chief, Quality of Water Branch

Subject:  PUBLICATIONS - Reference List No. 6

"Climatic records on the ocean floor," by G.O.S. Arrhenius:
Reprinted from the Rossby Memorial Volume, published by The
Rockefeller Institute Press in association with Oxford 
University Press, New York (1959).

"A close relation is found between the wind driven
circulation in the Equatorial Current System in the Pacific,
and the distribution on the ocean floor of minerals produced
by organisms in the surface layer of the ocean.  The large
variations in time of rate of accumulation of such solids is
discussed in terms of corresponding changes of trade wind
intensity in the past.  Special attention is given to the
validity of time estimates, and a comparison is made between
the Atlantic and the Pacific records."

"The effect of sediment type on the shape and stratification
of some modern fluvial deposits," Mark A. Melton, Am. Jour.
of Sci., v. 259, no. 3, March 1961, p. 231-233.

By S. A. Schumm:  Am. Jour. of Sci., v. 259, no. 3, March
1961, p. 234-239.

"Ternary systems:  Introduction to the theory of three 
component systems," by Georg Masing (Translated by B. A. 
Rogers):  Dover Publications, Inc., New York, N. Y.

"Monomolecular films," by Herman E. Ries, Jr.: Scientific
American, v. 204, no. 3, March 1961, p. 152-164.

"Many physical, chemical and biological processes involve
thin films of material at surfaces.  In these processes the
most important role is played by a film just one molecule

"Rheology - Theory and Applications," edited by Frederick R.
Eirich, published in three volumes by Academic Press, New 
York and London.  Each of these volumes contains articles of 
interest, for example:

Volume 1 (1956) - Theories of viscosity, by A. Bondi
                  The viscosity of colloidal suspensions
                  and macromolecular solutions, by H. L.
                  Frisch and Robert Simba
                  Non-Newtonian flow of liquids and
                  solids, by J. G. Oldroyd

Volume 2 (1958) - Fundamental techniques:  Fluids, by B. A.

Volume 3 (1960) - Viscosity of suspensions of electrically
                  charged particles and solutions of
                  polymeric electrolytes, by B. E. Conway
                  Atomistic approach to the rheology of
                  sand-water and of clay-water mixtures,
                  by W. A. Weyl and W. C. Ormsby
                  The viscosity and elasticity of
                  interfaces, by Dean W. Criddle.


                                   S. K. Love

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