RESEARCH - The role of limnology in quality of water research.

                                                May 19, 1961


To:       District Chiefs and Staff Officials
          Quality of Water Branch

From:     Chief, Quality of Water Branch

Subject:  RESEARCH - The role of limnology in quality of 
          water research.

For several months Mr. Keith Slack has been reviewing the 
total program of the Quality of Water Branch with reference 
to the role that limnology should occupy in quality of water 
investigations. Recently he presented some very interesting 
material in a seminar to several Division and Branch 
representatives in the Washington area.  A copy of this 
material is attached for your information.

It is not implied that the discussion by Mr. Slack covers the
total field of limnology.  There are other important phases 
of this field particularly in the area of physical limnology.  
For the present, however, principal activity will be in 
water-quality aspects of limnology.  I suggest that all 
professional personnel in the Branch take advantage of the 
review that Mr. Slack has made.  From time to time other 
discussions in this area of activity will be distributed.

We will welcome comments and ideas about this subject and how 
the programs for basic data, areal study, and research can 
assimilate some of this interest.


                                        S. K. Love

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