PROGRAMS AND PLANS - Revision of Public Water Supply Reports, WSP 1299 and 1300 

                                           October 21, 1960


To:       District Chiefs and Staff Officials
          Quality of Water Branch

From:     Chief, Quality of Water Branch

Subject:  PROGRAMS AND PLANS - Revision of Public Water 
          Supply Reports, WSP 1299 and 1300

Please refer to Quality of Water Branch memorandum 60.17, 
dated September 25, 1959, requesting certain information from 
district offices as a basis for developing plans for revision 
of WSP 1299 and 1300.  This survey revealed that a rather 
comprehensive study was involved.  The task of conducting the 
field studies, together with a survey of minor elements data 
on principal cities, and the preparation of the interpretive 
report will entail an appreciable amount of work.

Detailed plans will be developed during fiscal year 1961 so 
that we can tackle the job of revision of these two reports 
in 1962 to give optimum coverage at the lowest possible 
costs.  The Division has approved the allocation of $10,000 
for the initiation of this project in 1961.  Suitable forms 
for inventory of facilities, analyses, and punch cards will 
be among the preliminary items to be developed.  We do not 
anticipate that field offices will be involved in this study 
during the current fiscal year, except for consultation on 
the preparatory items.

Charles N. Durfor will terminate his assignment with the 
General Hydrology Branch soon and will return to the Quality 
of Water Branch to head up the public water supply project.

                                   W. W. Hastings
                                   for S. K. Love

WRD Distribution:  A, B, S4, FO4, SL