MEETINGS - Proceedings of Seminar on Minor Elements in Water 

                                           February 18, 1960


To:       District Chiefs and Staff Officials
          Ground Water and Quality of Water Branches

From:     Chief, Quality of Water Branch

Subject:  MEETINGS - Proceedings of Seminar on Minor Elements 
                     in Water

The Water Resources Division sponsored a seminar on minor
elements in water which was held in Denver, May 18-22, 1959.  
The seminar, which was attended by a number of Survey 
scientists as well as by others associated with non-federal 
groups, afforded an excellent opportunity to exchange 
information on research and to point up areas for future 
study in this important field.

Attached is a copy of the PROCEEDINGS of this successful 
meeting. This paper presents only a summary of discussions of 
panel members and others.  Additional detail may be available 
through individual discussion leaders.

A limited number of copies of the report are available for
internal distribution by letter request to this office.

                              W.W. Hastings
                              for S. K. Love


WRD Distribution:  A, B, S3, S4, FO 3, FO 4