PUBLICATIONS - General Branch policy on preparation, review, routing and approval of reports


To:       District Chiefs and Staff Officials

From:     Chief, Quality of Water Branch, Washington, D.C.

Subject:  PUBLICATIONS - General Branch policy on 
            preparation, review, routing and approval of 

     Water Resources Division Policy Statement No. 1 
emphasizes that the effectiveness of the Division depends 
largely on its ability to produce reports to meet the 
increasing needs for water information.  Publication of water 
quality facts and of findings of studies of water problems 
and of areal hydrology is a general objective of the Quality 
of Water Branch.

     In recent Division and Branch memorandums, timeliness 
has been stressed for release of papers and publications.  
Therefore the Quality of Water Branch must continue to 
develop a more fluid system for handling annual, project, and 
non-technical or lay-reader reports in all stages of 
preparation and processing.  This is requisite to our general 
goal in the next decade to reach varied audiences with 
pertinent information, facts, data and concepts--all directed 
towards identifiable water problems of both the present and 
the future.

     The attached document outlines policy and procedure on 
the preparation, review, routing, and approval of reports 
prepared in the Quality of Water Branch.  This material is to 
be made available to each technical employee in the Branch 
and all others associated with report work as it will aid 
them in achieving more effective publication practices.  
Certain aspects of this overall statement are restated here 
to emphasize important procedures or re-affirmation of 

     All organizational levels have definitive responsibility 
in assuring a finished manuscript of good quality.  This 
starts with the author who must keep his supervisor informed 
and will seek his help in planning for a report as the 
project is planned and as the work progresses.  The District 
or Project Chief as well as the Branch Area Chief have key 
responsibilities for the handling and in the review of the 
manuscript after it is completed by the author.  The 
responsibility of these men is especially important
in assuring adequate standards of quality and timeliness.  
The Washington office of the Branch judges the scientific and
technical quality and the overall adequacy of the reports

     The Branch will continue to stress publication  of
manuscripts in one of the permanent Survey series.  
Preparation of reports for release for administrative use or 
to open file without appropriate recommendations for ultimate 
publication normally will be discouraged.  Publication of 
papers in appropriate technical and scientific journals will 
be encouraged as a by-product of a study.

     The Branch seeks increasing interest and competence in
analysis interpretation and report phases.  Professionals and
subprofessionals in all grades are encouraged to participate 
in the preparation of published reports.  Utilization in each
District of a portion of manpower on such activities, 
initiation of training procedures, and scheduling 
interpretive studies and reports in plans and programs are 
all means towards this end.


                                   S. K. Love


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