PROGRAMS AND PLANS - Revision of Public Water Supply Report, WSP 1299 and 1300

                                          September 25, 1959

                         REPLY REQUIRED
                       BY OCTOBER 15, 1959


To:       District Chiefs and Staff Officials
          Quality of Water Branch

From:     Chief, Quality of Water Branch

Subject:  PROGRAMS AND PLANS - Revision of Public Water 
          Supply Report, WSP 1299 and 1300

     The subject reports were published in 1954 based on data
collected in 1951 and 1952.  There has been a heavy demand 
for these reports showing wide interest in their contents.  
According to the Superintendent of Documents 1,417 copies of 
WSP 1299 and 1,341 copies of WSP 1300 have been sold.  This 
is in addition to the large official distribution of both the 
preliminary circulars and the final two reports.  The sales 
of WSP 658, the comparable report published in 1934, amounted 
to more than 6,000 copies over a period of nearly 20 years.  
However, the report was much smaller, and the cost was less 
than 50 cents.

     We are considering the revision of Water-Supply Papers 
1299 and 1300 beginning in FY 1961 and extending over a 3-
year period.  The report would update the 1952 data which 
would then be 10 years old.  Before recommending the project 
to the Division we need to obtain information from the field 
offices as to the need for a revised report and as to the 
contents.  Please fill out the attached questionnaire and 
return it to this office by October 15.

     If we proceed with plans for revision, and assuming
approval, we would depend on our District offices to obtain 
the required information.  The data would be placed on punch 
cards for application of Datatron and other electronic 
sorting and processing equipment for making several types of 
correlation studies.  We would thus be in a position to 
produce a much better interpretive report than in the past.

                                        S. K. Love
WRD Distribution:  A, B, S 4, FO-L 4